What To Look Out For When Conducting A Motorcycle Appraisal

Conducting a motorcycle appraisal is pretty straightforward, well it is if you know where to look and what to look out for.  Sadly though, not all motorcycle owners have this knowledge and as such are not in a position to carry out an efficient job. But what if you are looking to buy a used motorcycle, what should you look out for then? Consider these:

  • Mileage: this is a tricky affair because just as much as you are looking for a motorcycle that has a low mileage, you also don’t want one that has been idle for a long period of time as it might not be in the best condition. Having weighed your options, it might always be best that you go for the one that is being put to a fairly regular use at least.
  • Previous Ownership: if the person you are buying it from originally bought it brand new then you are in line for a great deal as they might have paid better attention to its care. 
  • The Tires: you want to ascertain if the tires are old or new. If they are new, then it means less cost would be incurred when you carry out your own restoration later on. Old ones however can reveal to you if the previous owner was an aggressive rider or not amongst other things.
  • Documentation: this is in reference to the motorcycles paperwork and registration. You want to ensure that it is complete and up to date. This is all so you can avoid problems later on.
  • Maintenance Records: these should be requested and if there is no proof of a regular maintenance being carried out on the motorcycle by a certified shop then you might have to look elsewhere for a purchase.
  • Overall State of the Motorcycle: in doing this, you would have to employ a little bit of comparative analysis. You should try to find similar motorcycles that are of the same make and model as the one you are planning to buy and then compare the looks of both of them. if the one you want to buy is looking very much older than its comparison, then you best look for another motorcycle to purchase.

Information Needed To Carry Out a Motorcycle Appraisal

If you are in a rush to get your motorcycle appraised and you want a professional to do it, then its best you have some needed information at the ready so that the whole appraisal process can be sped up.

The basic information that an appraiser would require to carry out an efficient job includes;

  • Motorcycle make and type.
  • The model and the year.
  • Its mileage
  • Any included non-standard features and accessories
  • Paint type and color
  • The maintenance and repair records (especially recent ones)
  • Any included custom features.

This should be accompanied by a short description of the motorcycle and a statement that describes its overall condition.


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