Guide to Calculating the Value of Your Vehicle Using Classic Car Value Estimator

There is hardly any guide that is available today that can help you accurately estimate the value of your classic car. With varieties of factors that could affect the value of classic cars, it becomes a very difficult task to figure out a classic car value estimator that would work with your car.

Having said the above, you should know that not all hope is lost if you are really intent on finding out what your car is worth. The sacrifice you have to make is that of your time that you would spend surfing the web in search of classic car value estimator that is just right for you and your prized possession.

Guide to Calculating the Value of Your Classic Car

For one who doesn’t have an experience in valuating classic cars, the process, techniques and the end results might be just as mind boggling as they are surprising. While some estimating techniques and methods employed in evaluating classic cars are technical others are quite straight forward. Consider a few

The NADA Guide 

As earlier stated, there are many guides to estimating just how much your car is worth. While some may be well suited for you, others might not. The NADA guide is however the main source of classic car valuation based on popular opinions.

Demand for the Car

This isn’t so much a method as it is a pre-requisite if your classic car is to be highly priced. You can determine just how expensive a car can be by the level of demand that it provokes in the market; the higher the demand, the higher the price and vice versa. It’s just basic economics.

Condition of the Car

It is common practice for classic cars to be restored from time to time. However the quality of restoration matters when the car is being evaluated. A car that has been restored by a professional will be more valued than that which was restored by just any mechanic. It goes to say that the condition of a classic car can serve as one of its value estimator.


This is another classic car value estimator that can be employed in determining a car’s value. The underlying principle is that a very rare car will be valued at a much higher price than that which is fairly easy to find and buy.

Determining Your Classic Cars’ Value

Asides from the guides mentioned above, there are other factors that could play a role in helping you estimate the value of your classic car. 

The quality of the car is one of such factors. This quality refers to that of when it was originally produced. If it was an expensive car in its own time, then there is every possibility that it will fetch a higher price than other classic cars now as well.

The working condition is another factor. The car should be in a good condition if it will attract the highest price for its kind. This means it must be in top working conditions and in no need for restoration of any kind.


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