5 Racetracks You Have to Drive Before You Die

Are you a motorsports enthusiast, who loves to pump up their adrenaline levels? Does your heart yearn to visit such places where you can treat yourself to driving thrills?

If you unknowingly answered yes, then we urge you to add ‘visiting the best racetracks in the world’ to your life’s bucket goals.

Why miss such an awesome chance of assuaging your thrill-seeking side? Check out these 5 thrilling racetracks and make sure that you are going to work hard to visit them before you die!

1.    Isle of Man TT

Surrounded by high stone and steep walls, the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy races or TT is the most terrifying and dangerous racetrack in the world. Motorcyclists on this racetrack are hitting speeds of up to 180 miles per hour and around 252 motorcyclists have died on this racetrack, since it became operational in 1907.

2.    Baja 1000

Founded in 1967 by Ed Pearlman, Baja 1000 is a Mexican motorsport race held every year on the Baja California Peninsula. Attracting competitors from miscellaneous parts of the world, what makes this racetrack dangerous is the frequent kidnappings that occur here. The race itself is not that dangerous through.

3.    Paris-Dakar Rally

Organised by the Amaury Sport Organisation every year, Paris-Dakar Rally or ‘The Dakar’ is an annual rally raid operational since 1978. Initially held in Paris then Dakar, the rally moved to other regions due to threats in Mauritania.

It does not necessarily specific as a racetrack but it is still a race, which covers some of the most dangerous terrains in the world.

4.    Nürburgring, Austria

One of the busiest race tracks in the world, Nürburgring, Austria is also one of the most challenging race tracks in the world. It consists of two circuits: the Nordschleife, which stretches 20.8km and Grand Prix, which is a modern racetrack spanning around 5.148km.

Search for ‘the most notorious racetrack in the world’ and you will see Nürburgring, Austria in your search results definitely!

5.    Calder Park, Melbourne

Located in Melbourne, Australia, The Calder Park Raceway is a motor racing circuit, which includes a dragstrip. Operated by the Australian Motorsport Club Limited, the racing circuit opened in 1962 and its dragstrip includes a road circuit that can be configured for creating several different courses.  Thunderdome, a high-speed banked oval is a must-see at this racetrack.


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