13 Tips On How To Properly Care For Your Car’s Interior

When the topic of car cleaning and maintenance comes along most drivers only think of washing the exterior of their vehicle. That’s because cleaning the outside of a car is far easier to do compared to cleaning its interiors. In fact, casual drivers don’t even bother to clean the inside aside from removing the trash that has accumulated on the car floor.

If you have been doing the same, it is time to change. The Mercedes Benz interior trim parts are just as, if not even more valuable than what’s on the outside. Here are a few tips to help you properly clean your car’s interiors for the first time:

1 – Clean Regularly

Just like a regular car wash, make sure you also have time to clean the interiors regularly. The more often you clean, the less effort it will require as time passes.

2 – Use Protective Creams

The plastic and vinyl interior parts of the vehicle will sustain sun damage even if the car is tinted. This will result in cracking, chipping, and peeling. Delay this clear sign of deterioration by applying protective creams on these parts of your Mercedes Benz.

3 – Avoid The Steering Wheel!

While it might seem tempting to cover the steering wheel with the protective cream, don’t! The cream will make the wheel slippery and harder to maneuver.

4 – Remove Floor Mats

The fastest way to clean most of the debris from the car floor is to remove the floor mats if there are any.

5 – Dust, Wash, And Dry Mats

It isn’t enough to just dust the floor mats and return them inside. Wash the dirty mats with warm soap and water, air dry them to ensure they are dry and clean before placing them back.

6 – Vacuum

Get your vacuum with all its attachments ready. The easiest way to thoroughly remove dust, dirt, and debris inside the car is to use a vacuum. Invest in special attachments that allow you to reach small and tight crevices.

7 – Stains Must Go ASAP

Accidental spills on the Mercedes Benz interior trim parts will happen, there is no way of avoiding this without banning liquids altogether. Although it isn’t a guarantee, removing and cleaning the spill as soon as it happens is the best way to prevent permanent staining.

8 – Use The Right Cleaners

Leather seats and linings should never be scrubbed with soap and water. Make sure to buy the correct leather cleaners to avoid damaging the leather while cleaning.

9 – Repair Small Damages Right Away

The moment you spot a rip or a tear on any of the interior parts of your vehicle, get them repaired right away. Small damages can be fixed easily, but when allowed to worsen it can cost a lot to fix them in the future.

10 – Trash Can

Put a small trash can inside the car and empty every day, this will help keep the mess to a minimum.

11 – Avoid Eating Inside The Car

If at all possible, bring the take out home before eating. The less you eat inside the car, the better.

12 – Thoroughly Dry The Interiors

Whether the water is from washing the interiors or due to rain, allow the car to dry thoroughly before closing the doors to lessen the chances of mold growth.

13 – Use Trim Restorers

In case the trim has faded due to wear and tear or sunlight exposure, use trim restorers as soon as possible to bring back its color.

If you want to give your car some pampering, a good detailing and some new Mercedes Benz interior trim parts will do the trick. Check out Adsit’s online shop today!


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