Heavy Duty Tarps Protect All Your Outdoor Gear

Designed to protect many types of outdoor gear and equipment, heavy-duty tarps will keep away the elements and allow your items to remain in good condition. They can be used for a variety of items and some are made specifically for certain pieces of equipment. Many people use such covers for their patio or deck furniture. Some also put them over the BBQ grill, to keep it from rusting over the winter. There are many other pieces of equipment that can use the additional protection of a heavy, durable cover. Boats, motorcycles and sports cars are just a few. Even if they are kept in the garage, the cover can keep away dust and debris. Small animals, like squirrels and chipmunks, may sometimes sneak in when the garage door is open. Using one of these items will prevent damage to upholstery and paint. While these products may be made of polyvinyl, canvas or nylon, they are all designed to offer protection. Various sizes and colors are also available, so that you can select the most suitable for the items you want to cover. Most items also come with grommets and holes, so that they can be tied down or tightened around the covered objects.

Many people use heavy duty tarps for transporting furniture or for camping. It is best to use a waterproof jeep wrangler cover, such as vinyl, under the tent, to keep any water from seeping in. This will help keep you cozy in the event of a storm or severe weather. Some people use the items as shade covers, while on a picnic or in a sunny place. Others may use them on the sand, to keep bugs off beach towels or blankets. There are many other uses for such products, particularly for those who participate in outdoor adventure activities. They make excellent covers for snowmobiles and ATVs. You can find suitable products at home improvement centers, retail stores, garden shops and in sporting goods stores. While there may be less expensive versions, it is best to avoid the temptation and purchase the more durable covers that will last and will not be ripped or torn easily.

How to Handle Water and Moisture When Using a Heavy Duty Tarp

When using a heavy duty tarp as a covering for materials or equipment outdoors, moisture will play a role in which product will provide the best protection. Some, like a canvas material, are breathable so that moisture can pass through them. Others, like a poly material, are waterproof and will form a barrier that locks out water and traps moisture inside. Choosing the right heavy duty product depends on how water and moisture will affect stored materials and can be a crucial decision. Let’s take a look at how different materials will handle water and which are best for certain applications.


Canvas is a natural material so it is breathable. While canvas is water resistant, it is not water proof. Moisture will slowly pass through a canvas tarp over time. For this reason, moisture underneath it will not stay trapped and will not form condensation on the underside of the covering. On the flip side, standing water on top of a canvas tarp will eventually drip through. If it stays constantly soaking wet, canvas will eventually begin to breed mold and mildew. Canvas is a good material for a lot of outdoor applications. Since it will not trap moisture underneath, covers made from canvas will work well if used directly on the earth. The moisture from dirt and mud will escape, keeping the covered goods more or less dry. This same property will also allow heat to escape if temperature is an issue. However, this material should not be used as a storm cover or in any extremely wet situations. A canvas tarp will let water slowly seep through if used as a shelter or roof cover and there is standing water on canvas. Canvas is treated with chemicals, wax and dyes. The dyes and waxes can rub off during use, making canvas tarps poor boat and car covers.


Polyethylene, or poly for short, is a water proof material. Moisture will not pass through the material so long as there are no tears or holes. This is a two way street, water will not seep through a poly tarp, but any moisture underneath will stay there. A poly product is an effective barrier against moisture and water seepage even in standing water or during a storm. For this reason, they are very effective as shelters and temporary roof coverings. However, it is not a good idea to place a poly tarp directly on the ground if they materials underneath need to remain completely dry; the ground moisture will condense on the inside of the tarpaulin. For example, covering a lumber pile that is sitting directly on the ground with a poly cover may result in damp wood. Also, be careful when using poly material outdoors, it is possibly susceptible to damage from the sun’s rays and UV radiation. When considering the effects of moisture and water, remember that heavy duty covers can either act as a barrier against water by using a poly material, or allow water to pass through if using a canvas material.

The Many Uses of Heavy Duty Tarps

Because there are various sizes, heavy duty tarps are always popular in order to successfully protect items from the elements. Tarps are tough, sturdy products can be found in numerous sizes and shapes and therefore the prices for these tarps will vary. There are even heavy, large, tarps for baseball and football fields that are available. These large tarps are custom designed to protect and fit the grass from rain or snow. The people who live in the country probably own a wood burning stove or a fireplace for the cold of winter. These people often use tarps to cover the woodpile because can get wet and eventually rot. These days, many people buy a large tarp prior to winter setting in order to protect their logs from becoming wet and possibly rotting because they work perfect for this purpose. Nearly every person owns at least one vehicle, regardless if it is a van, car, motorcycle, SUV, boat, or truck. These vehicles cost a considerable amount of and it is important that they are protected against rain, frost, and heavy snow especially if that are not kept in a garage. A heavy duty tarp will protect these vehicles during the night to make sure that the elements don’t cause them any damage. Tarps are also called tarpaulins and are provided by various manufacturers. They are available and sold in numerous different sizes and shapes. If you want to buy a tarp you have a couple different options. These are, you can look on the Internet because there are many different websites that will provide you with all of the information that you will need, or you can visit your local home improvement or do it yourself store. This will allow you to weigh your options and determine which tarp is most suited to meet your personal needs. In addition, using the Internet to find a website that sells tarps has the advantage of usually they will have special prices or they may have a discount on their tarps. A heavy duty tarp will usually last a long time depending on the elements in your area. They work well as a temporary measure. However, sooner or later the wind will probably catch the tarp and destroy it. Remember this in the time of a natural disaster.

Car Covers to Be Used in Summer

Summer is one of the extreme seasons in the world that greatly damaged the external surface of cars especially if the season comes with summer rains and monsoons. In order to protect your car from damage, get a quality car cover.They come in different varieties and models that would suit your needs. They also come in various styles that would match any type of unavoidable environmental factors. Some car covers available in the market today can fit recreational vehicles such as boats, campers, A T Vs, and more. Some owners carefully take care of their cars by cleaning it regularly and waxing it when needed. However, when an unexpected summer rain comes, it will likely leave spotting and all that hard work of regular cleaning and waxing will be gone in seconds. To avoid these things from happening, protect your vehicle with a cover. These covers will not only save you time on cleaning and waxing but will also ensure that your vehicle will look the best it can for years to come. Car covers can be beneficial in lots of ways during summer season. It can protect from dimpling or dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun. Those unsightly elements such as dust, bird droppings, and tree sap may also caused damage to the exterior surface if left attended, thus the use of a cover is a great help. Tree branches and limbs that are kicked up by the wind because of thunderstorms can scratch and cause damage to you vehicle, a cover will help protect from this type of conditions. Some economy car covers are treated for light outdoor use, breathable, and water repellent. There are heavy duty covers that offer protection for the whole year round regardless of the season. For ultimate water resistance and UV protection, hat are made from Tyke material would be the best. These are commonly manufactured by the DuPont Corporation. No matter what type or style of you choose, make sure that it would satisfy your needs and preferences. There are online stores that offer free shipping and return policies in case that the car cover chosen has incorrect size.


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