The Most Important Car Rental Tips For Pickup And Return

Exactly how the car hire booking is also a takeover and return of the car is usually uncomplicated and quickly done. So that car hire newcomers can walk to the counter completely carefree, we have put together the essential tips for pickup and return.

Car rental pickup: How to get your rental car fast and easy!

In The Right Place At The Right Time?

Make sure at the time of booking that you specify as the pickup time the time when you can arrive at the car rental counter, as this pickup time is binding. If you are significantly late (as a rule of thumb here are about 30 minutes), the car owner can pass on your rental car. Therefore, find out in advance, where the car rental counter is located and how long you need to get there from the plane or home. If you should be late, be sure to let the landlord know. The pickup station number is on your voucher.

Are all Documents Ready?

Make sure you have all the essential documents at hand. This saves time at the car rental counter and guarantees that the rental car can be handed to you. In addition to the voucher, you must show your driver’s license, your ID card or passport, your credit card (possibly including PIN) and, if applicable, the confirmation of your reservation. Attention: be sure to print the voucher.

Inquire About Upgrades And Avoid Additional Costs?

Some car rental companies try to sell unnecessary additional insurance or extras at the counter.  Especially low-cost providers are dependent on such other income, and the switch employees want to convince you accordingly vehemently of the importance of such insurance. Only one thing helps here: stay calm and determined. When booking through their website, you have already completed all desired coverage. Even if the switch operator offers you an upgrade, you should inquire directly about the costs so that they are not cheated unnoticed in the lease.

Read The Lease Exactly?

Speaking of a lease: Even if it takes some time, read through the rent, and ask questions in case of uncertainty. Once the rental contract has been signed, all points recorded there are binding – including any costs for upgrades or extras. But do not worry: The fact that a car owner wants to accuse you something in the lease is the absolute exception. In most cases, the rent is just a necessary standard document and covers as much as possible with the rental conditions, which you could already see at the time of booking.


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