Some Interesting Facts about Tyres

You know which tyres suit your automobile perfectly. But there is something you need to know about the spectacular creations of technology. Here are a few fascinating details about the tyres that will surprise you.

  1. Tyres Are Recyclable.

Rubber is a necessary natural resource. Recycling of used tyres assists in protecting the surroundings while making the most generous use of this excellent resource. Recycled tyres are utilised to build shoes, roads, fuel, playground flooring, and much more. 

  1. Tyres Have a Manufacturing Date Printed.

If you didn’t know this exciting fact, we are here to assist you with how you can tell when your tyre was manufactured just by looking the sidewalls of your tyre. You will find a four-digit imprint, e.g., 0220, and it indicates the tyre has been manufactured in the second week of the year 2020.

  1. Tyres Are Naturally White.

We know that the tyres stand made of rubber and numbers of other composites. The original rubber is white. The rubber tyres are initially white until a mixture called carbon black is combined with the rubber throughout the manufacturing process. Carbon black entirely built the tensile toughness and durability of the Michelin tires Bahrain and changes the tyre colour to black. 

  1. Radial Tyres

Michelin in 1948 made the patented and commercial radial tyres, which were the most famous tyre construction. Michelin owned a French car making company called Citroen at that time, and the first radial tyres were fitted to a Citroen automobile.

  1. Tyres Can Continue Even After a Puncture.

Run-flat tyres are the kind of tyres that can run almost about 75 to 80 km after being punctured. Many of the BMW automobiles are provided with run-flat tyres.

  1. Winter Tyres Were Invented in Finland.

Northern Europe land is the birthplace of winter tyres. Nokian Tyres first invented the winter tyres in Finland to improve the driving experience and safety on snowy roads. 

  1. A Man Invented His Tyres to Break the Land Speed Record.

Mickey Thompson was an American automobile racer. In, 1960 he was ready to win the world land speed record. Mickey realised that there was no tire made to sustain the speed of 500mph. So, he began designing and creating his tyres and won the record of driving at 406.6 with those tires.

  1. The Most Expensive Set of Tyres

What do you think about how expensive can an automobile tyre be? If you want to know, go through this interesting fact. 

The Dubai-based company that makes a set of tyres called Z tyres retains the record of being the costliest tyres in the entire world. The company cost for a set of 4 tyres is USD 6,00,000. The tyre embellished with 24-carat gold and diamonds that broke the record of Michelin’s Bugatti Veyron tyres for the world’s most costly tyres. Michelin’s Bugatti Veyron tyres were the costliest tyres valued at USD 42,000 before Z tyres. Bugatti Veyron was created to run at a tremendous speed of 406 km/h. And, Michelin successfully and powerfully produced tyres tailored to support this high speed because speed doesn’t come at a low price for sure! So, if you are a fan of high speed and safety is most vital for you, then buy Michelin tyres.


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