Look Out for Delivery Trucks…

We often see many Fedex trucks driving around on our roads nowadays, in part due to the exponential rise in internet shopping. Fedex are the largest parcel carrier in the USA, and they are growing at a tremendous rate. Because of the increase in people using FedEx’s services, the number of delivery trucks are also increasing. It is only natural to assume that the increase in trucks will also in turn result in an increase in the number of accidents that can take place, according to well-known and highly respected Texas Truck Accident Lawyer Greg Baumgartner. So, what can we do?

All delivery trucks drivers seem to be under more and more pressure to try and meet deadlines for large numbers of orders in what is considered by many to be too short a period of time in which to deliver the packages. Because these drivers are under pressure, this can unfortunately lead to a lot more accidents taking place. Because drivers are stressed, their judgement can sometimes lapse, which can be dangerous as they don’t abide by the rules of the road. This is when serious accidents can occur.

Although delivery drivers tend to be trained to a high standard, mistakes and accidents will still occur. This is something that cannot be avoided. Delivery trucks on average tend to end up in accidents more than regular road users, due to the number of stops that they will undertake in residential areas.

This is why there has been a call for delivery drivers and their employers to take public safety moreseriously, and ensure that all delivery truck drivers go about their business with due care and attention. Failure to do this and we could see more rises in the number of serious accidents that take place.The last thing we want to see is even more deaths on our streets.

There seems to be a lot of accidents involving FedEx trucks. The number of cases has been rising, which should worry everyone. If you have been involved in an accident with a delivery truck, like Fedex, it is crucial that you speak with a specialised accident attorney like Greg Baumgartner. He has many excellent reviews and will successfully fight your corner so you get the compensation you deserve.


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