How to ship your car and automobiles overseas?

Many people go for settling abroad due to their job. Many people prefer abroad to follow a career or study purposes. There is no doubt an overwhelming change in one’s life. But it is a challenging transformation. The stress of adjusting to a new country and culture, loneliness, and financial problem is quite common. Having an automobile before the shift, let’s say a car, adds to the stress. Shipping a car isn’t affordable. But it is more economical than buying a new car. Now the main question arises: How to ship your car overseas?

Do the needed Research.

Research is a crucial step while shipping a vehicle abroad. You can collect a listing of auto international car shipping companies by simply searching on the internet. Before making any final choice, always check whether the company has a license, required credentials, and insurance. When the company has all these requirements, then only go for the next step. A diligent research will always find the right load for you, specifically, if you use shipping comparison tools like Shiply.

Find the Cost of the Shipment.

If you want to find out the cost, you need an online quote from your interested company. Gather all the quotes and compare them. The quote contains all the data including initial and final destination (ports), total costs, documents required, etc. The price varies according to the type of service and method used for the shipment, address charges, insurance, customs duties, etc. 

Determine the Shipping Method.

There are various ways to ship your car abroad. The most popular way is the consolidated vehicle shipping method. Here, the car is shipped along with other vehicles in a container to the same destination. If you want quick delivery, you should choose sole container shipping. It is expensive but fast. Roll-on/Roll-off shipping is the most affordable, fastest, and risky method. Here, the car is secured on a vessel without protection. 

Choose the ideal Auto International Car shipping company and arrange all the Documents.

After following all the above steps, you have your shipping company. The documents required for transportation are:

  • The original registration.
  • The original title.
  • Certificate of title certified by the bank.
  • Unexpired car insurance papers.
  • Proof of identities like unexpired driver’s license or passport copy.
  • Bill of Sale.
  • Documents to prove that you have paid all the taxes regarding the car.

Prepare your Car for the Travel.

Never send your car for shipment without any servicing. Make sure that all the brakes are in working condition, all the tires are in proper shape, and the car is clean. Don’t keep any boxes or other stuff inside your car. Only spare tires and car-related things are allowed to be kept inside. Remove any documents from the car. The auto international car shipping company usually tells what is and is not allowed in your car during transport.


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