Cost effective ways to transport a vehicle

There are several different methods of transporting vehicles in the USA as well as internationally from the USA. Some of them are expensive and some are cheaper. Any kind of shipping cost depends on the particular vehicle that is to be shipped and also according to the distance of delivery location where it needs to be transferred. It is always possible to get the best service from paying minimal. Most of the time the shipping may vary from transport company to company as well as the certain hired company’s shipping cost policies. Sometimes, few transport companies provide lower cost quotations on a preliminary basis but later on they cheat with the customers by adding excessive additional service costs in the name of giving special shipping services and demand more money in the time delivery. So, it is suggested to be very careful while hiring transport services for shipping vehicles.

Additionally, not every customer can afford luxurious shipping service to transport vehicles. As a reason, most of the customers prefer open trailer shipping rather than hiring enclosed container shipping for enclosed shipping is more costly than open shipping. Therefore, people go for cost effective ways of shipping vehicles if even it would be an open auto transport service yet ensures totally secured vehicle transportation.

So, if you want to hire an auto transport service that is simultaneously affordable and trustworthy, here are some cost effective shipping solutions of the USA that have been listed below that would serve your requirement within your budget.

Open air transportation

Open trailer shipping is considered to be the cheapest way of vehicle shipping to cover any distance. This is the traditional way of shipping any type of vehicle. This method is safe and also known as the simplest way to save hundreds of your dollars that might be spent if you choose enclosed shipping. Though the method is a bit riskier, yet the transporters assure maximum possible security to your vehicle. Moreover, this method is popular as you can share the trailer with other customers for which the total amount of shipping cost is distributed among the customers. 

Hiring professional drivers

You can also hire a professional driver to drive away your vehicle. There are several transport services in the USA that provide well trained and experienced drivers according to your requirement. Moreover, these transporters allow you to travel into your vehicle along with your belongings. So, this is also a cheaper and suitable shipping method for short distance shipping as well as shipping across the country.

Hiring non-professional drivers

If you don’t bother to take risks while shipping your vehicle, you can go for hiring non-professional drivers. There are lots of college students that are aware of driving and also want to add some extra pennies to their pocket money. Just remember, whenever you think of appointing such drivers, ask for suggestions from trustworthy persons. Also check the driving insurance of such newbies and never forget to have an insurance for your vehicle before handing over the vehicle to that driver’s hand.

Train hauling

You can transport your vehicle through train if you want to transport it across the country. These vehicle loaded trains are known as shuttle trains. Though this is a form of enclosed shipping, the method is cheaper than proper enclosed shipping by road. Such as, for covering more than 750 miles, you just need to spend a few hundred dollars. This method is secure and also faster than any other above stated methods.

Tips to find cheaper auto shipping service and average cost of transporting single vehicle

To search reliable and budget friendly auto transport  service is really a time consuming task. There are several websites that can be both Governmental and private where you can find your desired one. Always hire a service that is legally registered by the USA Transport  Service  Department. Here are few tips mentioned below:

  • Gather multiple quotations from different companies 
  • Ask about the shipping insurance policies 
  • Make advance reservations to get low price services 
  • If possible go for open trailer shipping than enclosed ones 
  • Review on the reputation and ratings of the companies 

Whatever the method of shipping you choose to transport your vehicle, the shipping cost depends mainly on the vehicle’s size, shape, weight as well as all over dimensions including the duration of pickup and delivery destinations, insurance coverage, additional requirement costs, shipping method etc. The average shipping cost for transporting vehicles across the different states the USA lies between $350 to $2000. The average cost for transporting one standard sized vehicle is approximately $800+/-. The average range of cost for cross country transportation starts from $1000 to $2500+/- as per transport services’ quotations and other additional factors.


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