Choosing the Right Distributor for Car Wash Supplies

As a car wash owner, you will need to select the right car wash supplies in order to keep your business up and running. You want to choose supplies that are built to last and products that will sell and work properly. There are two types of distributors in the industry. The first type is known as installation and service distributors, where they will install and maintain your equipment. The second will sell car wash supplies and parts.

Do Your Research

No matter the type of distributor you are choosing, you need to do your research. It helps to get references from other customers and you can look up testimonials online. The professional car wash industry is a tight-knit group, so you can get feedback from other operators. Look for a distributor that will specialize in your segment of the industry. If you need detail supplies, then you want to find a distributor that is an expert in these supplies.

Find Knowledgeable Staff

When looking at different distributors, you want to have experienced staff. Well-trained staff members should have repaired equipment and some may have operated car washes. Their expertise will help provide first-hand insight to customers. It’s common for many car wash owners to be self-taught, so it helps to have an expert in the field.

Learn about the Products

Browse the supplier’s product line. Do they have the right repair and replacement parts you may need on a regular basis? Can they act as a one-stop shop? Are there new equipment upgrades? Many manufacturers are going to be expanding their product line and the right car wash distributors will keep up with the trends and keep their customers informed. Many distributors will make it easier to learn about the product with catalogues and great websites that have a lot of product information. See if the products have helpful images and descriptions. You may also want to check if there are tutorials or how-to videos to show you how to repair equipment. You need to consider the price of the products. It should be easy for you to order supplies and complete your purchases.

Consider Location

You want your supplies to be delivered to you as soon as possible, so you may need to consider location. Some suppliers will have multiple distribution facilities across the country. For a service and installation project, choosing a supplier can be based on choosing the equipment.

A good supplier should help you succeed and make money. The supplier can be more than just a person trying to sell you supplies and parts. If a car wash owner takes advantages of the available services a distributor has, it can be a great long-term relationship.


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