Ceramic Coatings and Their Common Uses

Ceramic coating Maryland has been around for decades and has been used in everything from building tanks to road signs. They are relatively inexpensive and are easy to apply to a variety of surfaces. But what is ceramic coating and what types of uses does it serve? Here is a look at some of the more common uses for this popular, self-plasticizing liquid.

Car Repair

When bird droppings or mud land on your car, they stick to the surface and attract a lot of dirt and dust with them. This is especially true if it has been wet weather. With just a very small amount of application, you can have much less mess on the surface of your vehicle and much less dirt and debris to clean up. Even if the bird droppings or mud haven’t attracted too much dirt or dust, they still make a nice coating that can help to protect your vehicle’s finish from drying out too quickly.

Credit Card Coating

A common place to find ceramic coating used is in the credit card industry. These coatings have been widely known to help with preventing fraud and identity theft. This is particularly common in places where it has been found that people are using counterfeit or stolen credit cards, such as in the airline industry.

Garage Door Insulation Coating

Another place you’ll frequently see a ceramic coating application is in the garage door. This is because the garage door can become very dirty over time, especially if you use it often or store heavy materials in there. A coat of protection will help to keep the garage door from becoming damaged due to abrasion or chipping. Unfortunately, most people don’t give their doors enough maintenance, which makes them more susceptible to damage from abrasion.

Fading Paint

A common cause of paint fading is because people accidentally spray their surfaces with paint or other chemicals. Chemicals like turpentine, gasoline, and paint thinner can all result in paint fading over time. You can help reduce paint fading by removing any objects that could potentially scratch or abrade the surface. If your garage door or other painted surface already has faded, you can still repair or restore the surface to its former glory. 

Now that you know all about ceramic coatings and their uses, you’ll be able to find the right application to suit your own personal or professional needs.


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