Car Interior Detailing in Edmonton, AB

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All organizations should evaluate their core competencies. As a car dealership, the sale, maintenance and repair of cars is definitely at your core. How about car washing and interior detailing? When it comes to the interior detailing then you have to go for the best now.

Conversations with general managers, sales managers and service managers show that managing a detailed department is disappointing:

  • Fixed cost for variable service
  • High turnover, less professional
  • Artistic personality – visual thinkers are not related to the technical work force of the dealership
  • Chemical and equipment control is time consuming and distracting
  • Performance is critical to an overall CSI score

Variable cost structure

When negotiating a price for a car for each type of service, you take a fixed price and change it. In addition, evaluating the cost of preparation and delivery services at the same price, you know exactly what investments you will invest in the car. For the car interior detailing in Edmonton you have to go for the ones having the most practical service cost now.

No more staffing issues

Find an outsourcing company that provides on-site management as well as management and marketing support. You gain in-depth experience and support at no extra cost. The cost of hiring, including advertising, interviews, verification of personal data and reports on cars, is transferred to a third-party partner.

Reduce the cost of damage

Part of the car detailing and car wash business is accident. When using a third-party company, the cost of damage associated with detailing is the responsibility of the organization that causes the damage. This should reduce deductible expenses from own funds and lower insurance premiums. Be it the car interior cleaning or anything else, you have to be specific about it. 

Invest in a partnership, not buy a product

The real opportunity to outsource the granularity process is to choose a “professional company” as a partner, and not just a car wash company.

The partner understands that they work in the “dealer house”

Although they acknowledge that they are guests of your property (using your compartments, water and electricity), they understand that they need to understand your business as a member of a team of dealers. In case of the car interior detailing in Edmonton this is the perfect option for you.

In general, due to the outsourcing of the automatic detailing function in the dealership and choosing the right strategic partner, the car dealership should be able to get the most out of the automatic detailing service:

  • Move fixed value to variable
  • Simplify staffing headaches
  • Add services to expand customer offerings and dollar profits

Now that you can opt for the service of First Detailing Studio you can have the best options for the same and that also within your budget. No doubt that you will be amazed by the services that they offer. From door frame cleaning to stain removal, they are the bests in each of the categories.


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