Busted: It’s Time to Leave These 4 Truck Detailing Myths Behind

Various truck detailing misconceptions continue to circulate within the public, which could lead to several unwanted events when kept undebunked. From severe injuries, property damages, to death, preserving these myths could lead to a number of disasters. That’s why to avoid any misfortunate event, it’s important to conduct a quick fact check and consult the experts regarding auto care and maintenance.

The following are the most common truck detailing myths and the truth behind them:

  1. Shiny is Safety

One of the most common misconception drivers tend to believe is that their car needs to be visibly filthy before scheduling for a truck detailing service. The truth, however, is that shininess shouldn’t be equated to cleanliness. In fact, millions of microbes could be dwelling in your auto without your immediate knowledge. To avoid the growth of bacteria and preserve the impressive condition of your truck, it is best to go for a regular detailing service.

  1. Car Washing and Detailing are the same

First, let’s cut to the chase: Car washing is different from detailing. The former is merely “washing” your vehicle with the right tools while the latter involves a more comprehensive process, which includes exterior and interior cleaning, polishing, waxing, and many more. 

  1. Any towel can do the job

Before you even dare to dry your truck with an old or any random household towel, it is important the consequences of such act. Usually, household towels and shirts are made with materials that are not suitable for your car. As a result, they could leave “love marks” or wash marring on the paint surface. To avoid this, using a microfiber towel to dry your truck is the best choice to go for instead.

  1. Car wax could last for 5 years

Although more advanced types of waxes and paint sealants are being introduced in the market, you cannot expect them to keep your exterior secured and protected for the next 5 years. With the apparent changes in the global climate, it is best to hire professional auto detailers to cover your vehicle with the necessary and protective layers regularly.

Don’t let these lies fool you. Bid these myths goodbye and welcome the truth. 

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