An Insight to Car Sunshade Tent

Protection is an important measure to consider when it is all about the car. Of course, the car is an expensive investment and everyone just loves to take care of it. As the name suggests, the car sunshade tent is the car cover. As per the increasing interest of the customers, dealers have started manufacturing a huge variety of car covers. Just like the variety of cars, the car covers are also variable. Car covers vary according to the size of the car. Although, it is good to choose the car sunshade tent (เต็นท์บังแดดรถ, Which is the term in Thai) according to the size of the car people have their preferences. 

Car tents are available in three different sizes and all the important details have been discussed in this piece of the article. Let’s throw light on it. 

Car tents are broadly divided into three different categories i.e., Universal, semi-custom and custom car tents. As per the category of the car tent, the price also varies. Let’s know more about it. 

Universal Cover: 

As the name suggests, these car covers are meant for every car. According to price, these are the cheapest car covers that one can have. No matter which car type you have, you can have the universal car covers for any model and type of car. The companies produce them in bulk and this is the only reason why universal car covers are cheap and anyone can afford it easily. 

Additionally, you can share such car covers with any of your family members, friends, colleagues. Secondly, if you will update your car, you do not have to update the car umbrella because you can use the universal cover for any car type. 

Semi-Custom Cover: 

This category is considered as the middle category of car covers. Various companies are selling car umbrella (ขายร่มกันแดดรถยนต์, term in Thai) at expensive prices. Remember, the semi-custom car umbrella is expensive than the universal one and it is cheaper than the customized one. So, the price will be between the universal and custom car covers. 

Custom Cover: 

As the name suggests, these car tents are specially designed for the particular car. A single-car tent can only be used for a particular specific car. You can not use this car tent for every car you have. This is why these car covers are expensive and with up-gradation of the car, you have to upgrade the car tent also.  


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