Among the Mid-Size SUV Ranking, Which do you Prefer, Angkewei, Terra, or Highlander?

In the beginning, the car was simply used as a means of transportation. Now everyone is starting to care about the comfort of the car. The more space, the more comfortable they feel in the car. So more and more people choose SUV. Today, we mainly introduce three kind of mid-size SUVs. That is the Buick Angkewei, Nissan Tuoda, and Toyota Highlander.

Buick Angkewei is 31,000-48,000 dollars. It is equipped with a 1.5T / 2.0T engine. The gearbox is 7-speed dual clutch and 9 AT accordingly. The front and rear suspensions are typical SUV independent suspensions. It can be seen from the configuration that the 2.0T models are better than 1.5T in terms of power and stability. Angkewei has a stylish appearance, the interior is luxury, the interior style specification is also very rich. The overall fuel consumption is between 8-10. But the disadvantage is that the rear suspension is a bit hard, the noise comes from the engine is a bit loud.

Nissan Terra is listed and sold in 2018. The price of the Terra is 23,000-35,000 dollars. It is a model for medium and large SUVs. The engine is 2.5L. The gearbox is 7 AT. Its appearance and size are similar to those of Toyota Prado, but the price is 22,000 dollars cheaper than Prado. However, the interior is rough. The brake is a drum brake.

Toyota Highlander sells for 35,000-62,000 dollars with a 2.0T/3.5L engine and 6 AT. It is positioned in medium and large SUV. Highlander is a particularly stable car. Since its listing, it has been loved by lots of customers. Its value retention rate is also the highest at the same level because of stable performance and beautiful appearance.

Above are the brief introduction of three popular SUVs. Which do you prefer? In fact, no matter which you choose, you can make it look more advanced and more comfortable. That is to modify the electric tailgate.

The electric tailgate is a brand new intelligent system for car modification. The driver can open and close the tailgate by car key, pressing the button switch in the tailgate or in the cab. In addition, it also has intelligent anti-pinch, high-memory, and other functions. So your car will instantly become more powerful.

As the electric tailgate is used frequently, we must choose a company with a good reputation when buying it. Changyi, a professional enterprise engaged in intelligent electric tailgate lifts and other auto parts products, is committed to providing a convenient, safe and comfortable life for the global car owners, who adheres to the product positioning of “differentiation, excellence and high quality” and has quickly become a rising star of automobile modification. 

The electric tailgates launched by the Guangzhou Changyi Auto Parts Limited Liability Company, are in high quality. Let’s take a look at its 6 features in the following.

  • A Soft-Close Electric Suction Device

When the car door is closed, the electric suction will be snap-locked to reduce the intensity and ensure that the tailgate is fully closed at the same time. 

  • Controlled By The Remote Device

It often happens to us that we need to carry lots of things in our hand when we go out. With a convenient remote control, we can easily open or close the tailgate.

  1. Smart Avoid Pinching

When the electric tailgate is closed, once it touches something, it will automatically bounce back or stop immediately to avoid harming. It is safe and especially needed for the car owner with children.

  1. Memory Function

The power liftgate remembers the height set by the user. The user can set the height by pressing and holding the button, and the next time the back door will automatically maintain the default height.

  1. Sound Alert

When the hands-free liftgate is closed or opened, it will make a sound to remind the driver. With such a device, we don’t need to check whether the tailgate is closed or not.

  • Foot-Sensor Function

The foot sensor is a smart trunk sensor system. The trunk is automatically opened/closed by judging the amplitude, frequency and phase parameter of doppler produced when your foot approaches and moves away from the sensor.

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