5 best BMX Bikes to buy in 2020

The automobile industry has grown a lot and with time it has created many options for us and options come with the kind of vehicle we want and of what brand. If we specifically talk about the bike, people would agree that the number of brands of bike that have come forward in these past few years were never in such an amount before. People have started considering a bike more than just a sport. Many brands like BMX revolution and Diamondback bikes have started making advanced and efficient bikes for both travel and sport purposes and as a result, people were introduced with new and multipurpose bikes.

Out of all those brands, the BMX revolution is the one that started by making excellent quality racing bikes. It began in 1970 with tiny bikes that were not of complex design and could be handled at higher speeds even on a bumpy road. Later, the BMX revolution started making bikes not only to be used on a racing track but also in parks, roads, mountains, streets, etc. The owner of the BMX revolution got an idea of making bikes other than racing purposes when he saw kids having difficulty in riding it on muddy or on roads that are not flat. Then they decided to make bikes that one can ride anywhere, not only on a racing track.

Are you planning to buy a BMX bike anytime soon? Read about the best BMX bikes that one should buy in 2020 below.

Ramp Large Complete Bike:

This bike is the lightest bike to go for. Because of it being light can be the best bike for the beginners as it would be easily handled by them. Ride it whether at a park or on a normal road, you won’t face any difficulty. The cherry on the top is the look that this bike has. Three facts that will move you for buying this bike are

  • It offers a lot at a cheaper price
  • Beginners can develop their biking skills easily on it because of it being lighter
  • It is made of great materials that give a person confidence of biking fearlessly

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike:

Are you fond of mountain biking? Then this bike would be a dream bike for you. Fat tires of this bike make mountain riding easy and smooth. Its adjustable gears help you manage climbing the mountain as much as you want by adjusting the gears. You will feel the adrenaline rush in your body while going on different heights on this fat tire BMX bike. It is capable of carrying heavy weights because of being made of steel frames. This bike has disc brakes on the front and the back which ensures your safety. It’s an all in one and best bike to be purchased.

Stolen Heist

This bike is a mid-level bike. A common worry that goes through the minds of people is the additional cost like heavy maintenance costs that they have to bear if they buy any new vehicle. Buying a stolen heist bike saves a huge maintenance expense of yours. These bikes have sealed bearings in them which make these bikes last longer. The best fact about this bike is that it is 9.25’’’ high which makes it easy for taller people to ride on it. This height also puts less strain on your back. Everyone wants to spend more time riding a bike rather than in a workshop maintaining it. Stolen Heist is the best choice in this case.

Redline Bikes Romp 20:

This bike comes in many sizes. Are you a youngster and looking for a bike that you can easily ride in parks and on flatland? Redline Bike Romp 20 should be your choice then. It is a perfect ride for the youngsters. The most amazing fact about this bike is that its price is very affordable. You can count on it if you want to ride it in Skateboard Park and you have maintained a perfect balance on it.

Framed Witness BMX Bike:

This is a perfect bike for professional bikers. By professional, I mean a person who can ride a ride in all the conditions of the road. This bike has the best quality. Though it is not much stylish but known as giving excellent performance while biking. A framed witness BMX bike is lightweight so it can only be handled by the pros. It has a long-lasting frame on which you can rely easily. You can customize its parts as per your needs. In its criticism, people say that it is expensive but trust me it is worth the cost.

These were the five best bikes that should be seen if you are planning to buy a bike in 2020. Each one of them has excellent quality and an efficient system that makes BMX bikes stand out in the crowd. From beginners to professionals BMX revolution has all sorts of bikes to offer.


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