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The van rack shelving is more aesthetic, easy to maintain and offers different colors in connection with Lean Management. On the other hand, for the exterior, the choice of galvanized shelving is imperative because this type of shelving is treated to have maximum resistance to weathering and corrosion. Each context has its solution.

Take into account the type of product to be stored

Once the storage conditions have been specified, it is then the nature of the product that will allow you to refine your choice. With the perfect van racking option you can find the best bit now.

You will therefore need to brush up on a set of essential questions in order to choose your warehouse racks and shelving properly:

  • What are the characteristics of the product to be stored ? Size, weight, volume, quantity, etc.
  • What will be its packaging? Palletizing, cardboard, bulk, etc.
  • In which container will it be kept? Barrel, box, tank, tank, trunk, jerry can, barrel, etc.
  • Is it a specific product? Chemical product, oily product, greasy product, dries food product, fresh food product, etc.

Each of the answers to these questions implies a suitable storage solution.

The Different Types Of Warehouse Storage

  • Storage of pallets in warehouse: pallet rack.
  • Storage of long loads: shelving with arms for long loads, (cantilever).
  • Workshop storage: heavy or semi-heavy shelving.
  • Storage of small or light objects: light shelving.
  • Storage on several floors: mezzanines.
  • Specific storage: specific shelving.

If, for example, you need to store a small, light product, packed in cardboard, without any specific features, we recommend dynamic inclined shelving which will facilitate picking.

Examine your loading methods

The way in which the operator handles the product in the warehouse also helps to determine your choice in terms of racks and shelving recommendations, particularly from an ergonomic, safe and / or practical point of view.

Mechanical Loading

If your products are loaded by pallet truck , then they are naturally stored on a pallet rack.

Manual Loading

If your operator loads the goods manually, storage on a rack is more suitable.

Are You Fifo Or Lifo?

Depending on the type of goods and their order of entry and exit the loading differs. Is it done from the front or from the back? For example, the use of sliding shelving units can save substantial time and keep an overview of your stock.

Evaluate the maximum load

The weight of the goods to be stored is also an important decision element in the way in which the storage of your products is organized. The maximum load per shelf must always be distributed evenly. In order to facilitate the positioning of your goods within your warehouse , store them according to their weight:

  • Load <300 kg : opt for light shelving.
  • Load between 300 kg and 700 kg : choose a medium-heavy load shelving.
  • Load > 700 kg : heavy load shelving is required.

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