Why is Mazda’s CX 30 2020 Model Such an Excellent Vehicle?

Mazda is a name which means that people will get not just stylish looking cars but something which will offer excellent performance for years. One of the cars which is most talked about is the CX 30 2020 model. To clear any question which might come to the mind of the people, this article throws some light on the new model which people can opt for from Henderson Mazda

Four versions

The first thing one should know about the 2020 version is that it comes in different packages. The base or standard package is the CX 30, while the other three includes Select, Preferred, and Premium package. The standard model’s price starts from $21,900. 

The Select one is priced at $23,900 approximately, Preferred costs $26,200 and lastly, Premium version costs $28,200. The pricing mentioned here for the different versions if for the standard FWD drivetrain. It costs a little bit more if people opt for the AWD drivetrain. 

Engine and performance 

All the models comes equipped with 2.5 liter engine 16 valve 4 cylinder SkyActiv G engine that offers an output of 186 horsepower and 186 lbs of torque. The same engine with same HP and torque is what one will get from all of the packages. The mpg on highway is 33 which go a little bit lower when driving in a city. 

Also, it has automatic 6 speed SkyActiv Drive transmission with a sports mode. 16 inch wheels are standard with all-season tires. However, the other versions are equipped with 18 inches alloy wheels to suit the car. Know more from your nearby Mazda Henderson dealers. 

Exterior and interior 

It is one of the most stylish looking cars from Mazda. Both interior and exterior comes with a classy finish that elevates the driving experience of the people. This vehicle comes with ample cargo space which is a maximum of 42 cubic foot. 

The exterior body is created using high-tensile sturdy steel; however, keeping this vehicle light weight and agile. This gives a better driving experience to people. Moreover, this car has “Soul of Motion” design which is acquiring a mesmerizing look through purity and subtraction. 

Also, the interior comes with fully equipped safety technology and infotainment system. Safety technology includes driving assistance like monitoring blind spots, alerts for rear traffic crossing, radar cruise control, supports smart braking system, controlled high beam, warning system for lane departure, attention alert for drivers, keeping in lane assist, front lighting adaptive system. 

Moreover, it comes with standard USB plugs, music streaming, GPS, Bluetooth, LCD touch screen monitor, etc. In addition there is dual zone climate management system, heated front seats, Bose speakers, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, etc. 

These are the specs and more of Mazda CX 30’s 2020 version. All you need now is to visit a dealer near your place and gather any other info you might need from them. So, don’t wait; book your Mazda CX 30 today. It will provide you with a driving experience that you can’t imagine. This is one of the best SUV which is currently in the market. 


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