Tips to Maintain your Off-Road Camper Trailer in Sydney

A new camper trailer project needs to be maintained properly so that they suffer the weather conditions and stay in good condition. We have shared some useful tips for better maintenance of your off-road camper trailers in Sydney.

Points to Rembermember to Maintain your Off-Road Camper Trailer

Make it Rustproof:

When the structural integrity of the camper gets weakened, its main reason is usually rust. To fix it, can actually become a time-consuming process. When you expose the steel to excessive water and oxygen, it gets corroded away. If you maintain it properly, the process will become a slow one.

The drawbar and the chassis are comparatively more prone to rust. You can easily prevent that by washing it. The underbody and the areas that are even more common to the sand and water are prone to rust. They should be repaired immediately and apply wax-based treatments, lanolin and fish oil to prevent the rust. 

Stop the Leaky Seals: 

The rear of the camper can get damaged very easily because of water. You might not have sealed the tailgate tightly or correctly. The water stains, when it gets leaked can reach the seal too. The main reason behind it can be positioning the seal incorrectly or in a damaged way. The leakage can also occur when you might not have compressed it correctly. The seal has to be placed very tightly and the lock is placed into the position, but somehow moves a bit. 

Flushing of the Water Tanks: 

You can use household bleach or vinegar and soda to flush the water tanks. You can even use them to sterilize the baby bottle. Put few litres of water into a bucket, then add a quarter cup of bleach to it. You can put it in the camper water tank when it is completely empty. Then put fresh water into it.

You can also turn on the outlet taps for some time so that the entire mixture gets flushed. Then wait for a while. After that, add fresh water to it. Half a cup of baking soda can also be very useful to that the stench or the smell can be removed. For sterilization, bleach is way better effective as compared to that of baking soda and vinegar. The filler tubes and the taps should be kept open so that it gets flushed properly. 

Checking the Battery:

In most of the off-road camper trailers in Sydney, you can easily determine a bad battery. It is best to use a multimeter so that you can check the voltage. If zero volt is seen, then you will be requiring a replacement as a short circuit might have taken place. You should never use a cracked battery as it might be very risky and if the top of the battery is bulging, it might have been the cause of overcharging. It’s always better to load test it before utilizing it. 

Inspecting the Gas:

The gas fittings and connections should be checked regularly to see if there are any leaks. If you see any, spray soapy water on top of it, then turn the gas on. If you find any form of bubbles, the fittings should be tightened immediately. The fittings thread should be taped properly by a plumber for no further damage. 


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