Tips On How To Move Quickly

Have you ever had to move quickly? Maybe your landlord decided not to renew your lease with you. Or perhaps you found the perfect home in your price range and don’t want to miss out? Either way, it’s almost impossible to move quickly without making a mess, so how do you organise truck rental and packing to move to a new home fast?

Get Last-Minute Truck Rental 

When you’re moving, it’s always better to organise a moving truck ahead of time. However, if you’re moving in a rush, you don’t have time to be ahead! It might be more affordable to use your own car and to borrow someone else’s truck or trailer, but that might not work out on such short notice. That’s why the first thing you need to do is find a way to transport your furniture, boxes, and large appliances.

Although it might be more affordable to borrow a friend’s pick-up truck or trailer, you might struggle to find one. Relying on another person’s truck or trailer is too risky, especially in a short time frame, which is why getting a truck rental is the better option for you.

You might not have time to shop around, look for quotes or read online reviews, so it’s best to find a truck rental company that you can afford, and call them to see which moving vehicles are available. In this instance, it might be better to go with brands you know of already. Once you’re in contact, you can discuss which vehicles are available, what their prices are like, and where you can make a saving. Unfortunately, if you are in a rush, you don’t have time to look for more favourable rental rates, so you can compensate this by going with a trustworthy truck rental brand.

Pack The Essentials In Suitcases 

What constitutes an essential item? Your essentials are things that you need daily. When you’re moving in a hurry, you most likely won’t be very disciplined when it comes to packing. More likely, your packing will be messy, and you’ll struggle to find what you need in boxes until everything is unpacked in your new home. That’s why a suitcase of everything you know you’ll need on hand will make for a more convenient move.

In your suitcase of essentials, pack a few changes of clothes, a couple of pairs of shoes, and a bag of toiletries. You need a toothbrush, clean clothing and other essentials every day, so make them easy to find.

Declutter As You Pack 

If you had more time to plan, you could go through each room and sort your belongings into piles of what you’re keeping, and what you’re selling, donating, or throwing away. Unfortunately, when you’re in a pinch for time, you won’t be able to do it that way.

The best way to pack up and move in a short period is to go through each room. Pack what you want to keep, and declutter at the same time. You might not have time to sort into what you’ll sell or give away, but you will have sorted and packed everything that you want to keep, which is what you’ll move out of the house first.

Get Help From Friends And Family

When you need to move quickly, there’s no time to waste. And doing everything by yourself is a waste of time, especially if you have friends and family on hand to help. Hiring movers to help you is expensive, and you might not have that kind of cash lying around if you’re in a hurry.

When you need to move last minute, you’ve packed your things and got a truck rental, all you need is helping hands. Most of the time, friends and family are happy to help, but it won’t cost you much to buy a few pizzas and drinks as a treat for everyone. It’s a small thing to say thank you for the help, but it goes a long way. The bonus is that you’ll save time by carrying boxes and moving furniture instead of if you had to do it by yourself.

Moving with a decent amount of time to plan is stressful on its own. But if you’re moving in a short time frame, your mind needs to be clear and focused. Use these tips on how to organise a truck rental and pack up your home to move in a rush, without making a mess, being an inconvenience and ready to enjoy your new home.


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