The car got broken call towing service for help:

There is always this situation faced by many car owners that are broken car when there is nothing that can be found on road. So, the car can be repaired. Minor car failure like flat tire or something can be easily fixed. But major problems required car mechanic and if there is no one on the road. Then how the person will tow their car. In that condition for towing broken car [ลากรถเสีย, which is the term in Thai] call towing service. The towing service will carry the broken car and drop it to the nearest mechanic shop.

So, that the car can get repaired because leaving the broken car on the spot is not a good idea. That is why towing service is there so, that people don’t need to worry about leaving their car on the spot. Where their car got broken, because there will always be a threat the car can get stolen.

Providing service for 24×7

The towing service offers the clients of towing cars 24 hours [รถยก24ชั่วโมง, which is the term in Thai] service. So, that it doesn’t matter whatever the time is, if the client is in problem, they will reach them to help the client. Towing service operates 24×7 because no one knows when and where the car will get breakdown. That is why it is very important for towing service to work 24×7. So, people can call them anytime and they will get their service.

The car will be safe with them

Don’t worry about the car. Towing service has professionals in their team which handles the car very well. So, that there will be no chance of scratch or damage can happen on the car. They will drop the car at the destination with safe and sound.


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