How To Import A Muscle Car Into Australia?

When it comes to vehicles, muscle cars are definitely the one that every person wants to have in their possession, as they make you feel quite powerful when you sit behind the wheel and hear that engine roar right before you start moving. While these vehicles are amazing, importing them does have quite a few regulations that you need to know about.


Australia has quite a couple of regulations when it comes to car imports, and one of those regulations is that you cannot import cars past a certain date, which at the moment is 1989, or at least that is how the regulations seem in the first place.

That is because the law is somewhat unclear about the date, as you can import vehicles before that date if they did not go through any modifications. What are the modifications that are allowed you may wonder, well, because the list is quite long, it is the best to consult with professional importers such as Dazmac Logistics or someone with similar credit.

What is even more confusing is that even if your desired vehicle is produced past 1989, there are still some regulations which make certain muscle cars blacklisted, which means that they are not allowed to be imported into Australia under any circumstance.

Make sure to check out your car’s manufacturing date

Moving your car from USA to Australia

If you are planning to immigrate your car from the USA, you should be aware that there is another time related requirement. In order to receive a permit to immigrate your vehicle to Australia, you will need to have proof that you have been living in USA for at least 12 months, and next to that, you can only import one vehicle every five years, which is important to know if you are a multi-car family.

Shipping and cleaning

One of the things that Australia is extremely strict about when it comes to vehicle imports, is that the cars should be asbestos-free. In order to arrange the best shipping option out there that will also take care of the vehicle cleaning so your vehicle can pass the boarder control with ease, you should hire an American muscle imports like Dazmac Logistics that know what they are doing.

Sometimes certain modifications to the vehicle might be necessary as well, since Australia also has a couple of requirements that are different from the USA, so even if the vehicle is newly produced, the manufacturers probably didn’t include all the necessary modifications that would fit Australian laws as the cars.

Transporting vehicles via a cargo-ship is a great choice

Final Word

Hiring professionals that can help you with the vehicle choices and the importing procedures will definitely be very beneficial not only to your time, but also to your budget, as you will not have to spend your money multiple-times on certain procedure that could be done incorrectly, when the professionals are going to make everything work out in one go.


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