How to Get Money for a Vehicle That Doesn’t Run Anymore

When a vehicle doesn’t run anymore, it’s just taking up space in the yard. Selling it is a great idea, but the owner needs to make sure they make the right decision to get as much money as possible from the vehicle. Typically, their options will be to trade it in at a dealership, sell it to a private buyer, or sell it to a company that buys junk cars.

Trade in the Vehicle at a Dealership

Trading in a used vehicle at a dealership can provide a few benefits. The owner will be able to use the value of their old vehicle to reduce the amount of money they pay for the new vehicle and can get rid of the used vehicle quickly. They’ll be able to drive the new vehicle home, too, so they can do everything at one time.

However, there are limits to the vehicles that a dealership will take when they accept a trade-in, so this might not be a good option if the junk car is old, looks to be in poor condition, or doesn’t run. Plus, the amount given for the vehicle from the dealership is going to decline rapidly depending on how well the vehicle runs, so the owner likely won’t be able to get much for it.

Sell the Vehicle to a Private Buyer

Selling the vehicle to a private buyer may be a good idea, as there are buyers who will purchase vehicles that are in poor condition or that aren’t running so they can have spare parts for their own vehicle. However, there are downsides to this as well. Finding a private buyer can take a while and takes quite a bit of work, so this isn’t an option for someone who needs money fast. Plus, private buyers aren’t going to be willing to pay a lot for a used vehicle, especially if it’s not running, so the owner may find they aren’t able to get much money for their junk car.

Look for a Company that Buys Junk Cars

The third option is for the owner to find a place that offers cash for scrap cars in sydney. They may not get as much money from the vehicle as they could if it was fixed up before being sold, but these companies purchase vehicles in any condition. They’ll arrive at the home quickly and pay cash for the vehicle, no matter what condition it’s in, so the owner can get money fast. Some companies will even pay money for vehicles where there isn’t paperwork, so the owner doesn’t have to stress about finding the title or other paperwork before they sell.

If you have a junk car you need to get rid of, take the time to learn more about the options available to you. While there are a few options, the right one depends on whether you need cash fast or have the time and money to put into repairing the vehicle so it can sell for a higher price. If you do need cash fast, selling it to a junk car buyer can help you get the money you need right away.


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