How Much are Number Plates?

Those that have owned a vehicle for some time will be fully aware of how the number plate process works. However, there are many iterations of number plates which are purchased for different reasons, so the cost of a number plate can really depend on what the person is looking for. 

Replacement Number Plates 

Replacement number plates can come in several guises, and as advised, replace damaged or lost number plates. 

As well as standard and model-specific number plates, there can also be a demand for vintage number plates, especially among those restoring classic vehicles. 

When searching for replacement number plates, it’s important to ensure that the provider being used can offer number plates that adhere to BSAU 145d regulations. 

BSAU 145d is the British standard for number plate registrations and ensures that the reflectiveness, strength and visibility is the right standard for use on roads. 

Replacement number plates tend to cost from £10 to £20 depending on the supplier being used. 

Four-Dimensional Number Plates 

Four-dimensional number plates use printed acrylic letters as opposed to printed ones to offer an additional layer of dimension to the number plates. 

Four-dimensional number plates are legal, but again it’s important to ensure that the right vendor is used. 

When ordering replacement number plates or 4D alternatives, it will be necessary to show identification as well as documentation that proofs that the registration belongs to the person ordering the number plates. 

4D number plates are slightly more expensive than their printed counterparts, averaging between £20 to £30. 

Personalised Number Plates 

Those unfamiliar with personalised number plates are often under the impression that all personalised registrations are expensive. Although this can be true in some instances, there are other options available that allow for a more affordable personalised number plate. 

Many personalised registration numbers can be found via the DVLA website. As well as offering registration numbers that include the current style number plates, there are also several personalised offerings available. 

There can be limitations available when looking at personalised registrations. For example, some available registration numbers will be subject to an age of vehicle restriction. 

The price of a personalised number can range from hundreds to thousands and is ultimately about the value of the registration number on the date of purchase. 

Dateless Number Plates 

Those looking for number plates that can be used in any vehicle may want to consider a dateless number plate. As there is no age identifier, there are no requirements for a vehicle to be manufactured in a certain period. 

Dateless number plates can also take on the guise of Irish number plates. Number plates in Northern Ireland don’t contain an age identifier and can be transferred to other vehicles in the United Kingdom. 

The price paid for a dateless number plate can range from £100 to £200, but there can be variants available for a cheaper price. 

The options available in relation to number plates are plentiful, and the price paid will depend on the nature of the number plate purchased. 


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