How Good is Genesis in Making Crossover SUVs?

It is a known fact that Genesis has turned out into an individual automaking brand in 2015, after it sprung out from its parent company, Hyundai. The aim was to make premium luxury cars, where the in car luxuries will be redefined and also presented to a larger mass, by making it a bit more affordable. Genesis did succeed in this. Today Genesis cars are standing beside the models of those brands that so far ruled the above-said segment. Genesis contributed heavily to the segment of premium luxury cars by releasing classic sedan models. But recently Genesis also tried its hand in making a crossover SUV decked with equal amount of luxury appointments, completing the circle of its accomplishment. 

Many Call it as a Benchmark Production

Step into any Genesis showroom and you’ll find the new Genesis crossover SUV named GV80 that has won the competition of popularity by all means, proclaimed the Medford Genesis dealer staff members unanimously. With the release of the 2020 Genesis GV80 model, the automaker has proved again that it is very much capable of installing as much luxury in a crossover, while keeping its performance score high and the price tag low.

The auto critics across the globe are talking about the 2020 model of GV80 models, through which Genesis created its new benchmark in the segment of premium luxury crossover SUVs that are largest in size.  To be specific, Genesis endorsed highest in-car luxury in its GV80 models by assigning them the roomiest possible cabin that the segment has seen ever. To carry this precious place with equal royal moves, Genesis has chosen a handful of powerful and fuel efficient engines that not only can easily carry five-to seven passengers but also their cargo, however bulky they can get.

Excellent Exterior Styling

Crossovers are known for their practical looks. But Genesis could change this stereotype concept, while crafting its flagship crossover model GV80. Look at the latest 2020 edition of Genesis GV80 models and it will be hard to hold back the urge to drive it, after seeing its bold styling cues and the sleek silhouette profile.

All the 2020 Genesis GV80 models glow with an incredibly artistic full gloss finishing with a satin smooth attire that is purposefully made to match the brawny styled body with crease-heavy bodylines.

The perfect ride height is gained with the help of large 22-inch wheels. Up front the grille sitting the  signature of Genesis brand makes a gorgeous approach while lighting up the way ahead with its bright Quad Lamp LED lighting. What comes as a pleasant surprise for a crossover SUV is the sedan- like long bonnet duly complimented with triangular D-pillars that sets an exemplary standard about how a crossover too can be made to look stylish.

Powertrain Availability

Genesis prepares the GV80 models with able powertrains that can take up every challenge an unpredictable route can throw at it. It currently offers three options to power the GV80 models, one is the 2.5 liter turbocharged engine making 300 horsepower, still higher is the turbocharged 3.0 liter diesel version that returns 274 horsepower while the most powerful one uses a 3.5 liter turbocharged unit that runs on 375 horsepower, confirmed the Medford Genesis dealership members.


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