Essential features of motorcycle jeans

Apparels play a significant role in motorcycle riding, especially jeans. The kind of jeans you wear, affects the way you would ride the motorcycle. The jeans worn by the rider should be comfortable as well as safe, so that the riding experience is enhanced. Every single thing matters in a jeans varying from small interior pockets to the fabric used to make it. 

Here are the major features of the jeans that should be taken into consideration while buying one-

Fiber – The fiber of the jeans is very important for the rider. It should not be very harsh that would feel rough against the skin nor should it be very soft that can be torn by a minor accident. Most popular fabric used in jeans for motorcycle riders is Kevlar as the fabric is strong, synthetic and heat-resistant. The material is used in the linings of the jeans because using it as the primary fiber can make the jeans very hard for the wearer. 

Fit – The fit of the jeans is kept stretchable and comfortable. It is neither too tight so that the rider is not able to move his/her legs properly, nor too loose that it lacks the grip. The optimal fit ensures that the armors are placed on the correct position giving you protection from any crashes and also eliminate flapping which can be tiresome for a long distance ride. 

Reflective – If you are riding at night or dark alleys and roads, it is crucial that you are visible to others, for your own safety. Reflective symbols, pipes, logos or cuffs can be attached to your clothing for recognition. It should be at such a point, where any type of vehicle like car, motorcycle or bus, can see you coming. Even if you meet with an accident, and are thrown away at some distance, you would be visible to the other passers-by, so that they can rescue you.


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