Common Modifications for Motorcycles

10 motorcycle modifications/accessories that do more HARM than good!

The most common motorcycle modifications will increase a rider’s power and fun factor. However, they only want to enhance their bike’s style or performance. Some are useful, others are not, and several are only for show. A few additions added convenience, such as Trax side cases. Motorists should do their due diligence with their state’s law before modifying their ride.


If someone is a new rider, getting their suspension set up is one of the essential factors a rider can do. It will significantly affect how they handle their bike and how it responds to changes in their riding conditions. Nevertheless, even experienced riders can benefit from a bit of fine-tuning. To help with this, a suspension kit is a practical way to start.


A rearview mirror is crucial since it helps drivers see what is behind them. In addition to providing a better view, they also add a touch of class. Various types of mirrors are available on the market, from bar-end to flush mount. Individuals can do window shipping and choose the best in these varieties.


A quick shifter is one of the more subtle but significant modifications. This enables motorists to shift into higher gears more efficiently. With rapid change, they can take advantage of their engine’s torque and develop acceleration.


This amendment is a good idea. Although many manufacturers will include one when purchasing the bike, buying a high-flow washable model is a better investment. Additionally, it will filter air better for a lifetime.


A shaded windshield can also be a good look. Most standard alterations on modern motorcycles do little to enhance the rider’s visibility. But this material will make the bike look more custom.

Some of these modifications are not the most effective. Nonetheless, they are efficient in getting the money’s worth. Remember, a safer ride reduces your chances of an insurance claim. A well-maintained engine will last longer and is less likely to burn out on the road. Hence, it is vital to do research. This is vital since it will help riders see if anything will make their ride more fun.

Although there are several motorcycle modifications, choosing the best will depend on one’s preferences and budget. However, one of the most crucial amendments is extending the motorcycle’s fuel range. This is beneficial, especially to delivery riders. 

Learn more about how drivers can broaden their fuel scope with a fuel cell in the infographic below brought to you by the well-known firm famous for their Enduristan saddlebags, Motorrad Garage:

Fuel extender Motorrad Garage

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