Choosing The Right Truck For Your Boat

When purchasing a new truck people will often ask why?
For many a large truck is seen as an impractical vehicle, far too large for the average driver. For boat owners however, the answer is easy, to trailer their boat to and from the local boat ramp.
Whether you already own a boat or are considering buying one there are several factors to think about when choosing a tow vehicle for it.
In this article we’ll take a look at some of the things you should consider and help you make an informed purchase.

Total Weight You Will Be Trailering

Perhaps the single most important factor when it comes to purchasing a tow vehicle is how much what you’re towing weight.
Whether it’s a utility trailer for work, a camper, or a boat, knowing the weight of what you’ll be towing is important.
Many countries offer scales where you can weigh your trailer for a small fee.
Alternatively contact the manufacturer of the boat and ask them to provide you a weight for it.
Be sure to include the weight of the trailer itself and any gear, fuel, or additional weight that is likely to be in the boat when it’s towed.

The total weight figure of the trailer and boat combined is what you should use when looking at tow vehicles to purchase.
Choose a vehicle that exceeds this figure by at least 30 percent since this will give you a sufficient margin of safety and ensure your vehicle is able to handle its tow in all conditions you may encounter.

Fuel Economy

Another important factor to consider when choosing a tow vehicle for your boat is its fuel economy.
Towing will in general greatly reduce fuel economy however a more powerful vehicle will see a less dramatic decrease.
If your usual tow is very short then fuel economy is less of a factor but if you plan on making regular long distance tows, then choosing the most fuel efficient vehicle possible makes sense.
Fuel economy also comes into consideration if you plan on using your vehicle when you’re not towing to drive as your primary vehicle.


Let’s face it, new trucks are expensive.
Purchasing one in addition to a new boat just to tow your boat to a local ramp might break your budget.
However, there are some alternatives.
If your regular tow isn’t very far and you have another car in good condition to drive, an older used truck that is only used to tow the boat might be a good option.
Alternatively, keeping your boat at a local marina and using a mobile marine mechanic to service it might be more cost effective.
Keeping the boat in the water will eliminate the hassle of towing all together and a mobile marine mechanic can provide effective service for your boat just about anywhere.
If that isn’t an option though, shopping used trucks makes a lot of sense and can help you get into boating on a budget.
Be sure to check the condition of the truck before buying and make sure it fits your requirements for towing.


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