Car pledge a service that is very helpful:

If someone is in need of money and have a car then Car pledge [ จํานํารถ, which is the term in Thai] is the best service. To get instant money for the car. If, someone doesn’t know about what car pledge is then need no to worry. It is like giving someone’s your car and getting the money in return. But the person will give the car back as soon as they get their money back. It’s more like taking a loan where people give some asset to the bank for security and as a return the person gets the money.

But getting the loan from is a complex task. People need to submit a lot of paper in order to get the loan. Even after doing that their loan gets rejected. But in-car pledge a person will get instant money.

No complex method to get the money

There is no kind of complexity involved in car pledge. When a person contacts a car pledge service the agent will come and check the car. Then there will be an agreement contract will take place between the owner and car pledge agent. And after that, the owner will get the cash immediately. That ‘s all the thing a customer has to do in order to get the cash. That’s the best service available to get cash instantly. So, people need not borrow money from friends or relatives. Just pledge the car and cash immediately.

Check the interest rate always

The interest rate should be checked before signing the contract with car pledging service.  Because if someone doesn’t check their interest rate and if it is like 9.5 or something. Then it will become hard to pay the amount. So, always check the interest rate.


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