All You Need To Know Before Buying A Tire

Driving can be fun if your car is well maintained and is in good condition. This includes your engine, body of the car, tires, etc. The tires must be up to date to avoid any kind of accident. However, we tend to ignore the tires and keep using it even after it is worn out. A tire should be changed every two years. You can buy the tires from a tire shop who have tires of various brands.

How To Find Out When It Is Time To Change A Tire?

Tires support the load of a vehicle, absorbs shocks in the road, smooths the braking force, etc. You should regularly check the air pressure of your tire, check for any cracks or tear in the tire. The tire gets worn out with regular driving or driving on harsh roads. If your tire is cracked, or is always inflated, or torn, then it is time to change your tires.

How Your Tire Does Gets Worn Out?

Your tire can get worn out with regular driving or due to improper alignment of the wheels. It can also be due to under inflation or over-inflation of the tire. The tires can also get damaged due to bad roads like potholes, curbs, etc. It can also get damaged due to cuts, snags punctures due to stones, nails, or any sharp tools on the road.

Things To Remember While Buying A Tire

While buying a tire, you should know the size of your tire. Buying a tire of wrong size will make your car imbalance and lead to accidents. Check the brand and warranty of the tires. While visiting a tire shop (ร้านขายยางรถยนต์, which is the term in Thai), you should also check the quality of the tire.

Apart from tire replacement, most of the tire shops also check the brake systems and the shock absorber. They also provide wheel replacement and maintenance and repair services of your wheels and tires.

You can visit a tire shop near you to get the tire replacement. You can also visit the tire shops online if you know your car’s tire size. These online shops sell tires and wheels of various brands. You can also buy shock absorbers as well. Some of these tire shops also sell used wheels and tire sets. These products are refurbished and balanced. Hence, the quality of the product is assured along with the warranty. You can place your order online or call them for the products.


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