Motorcycle Road Trips in Asia

Over the past few years we have seen the popularity of motorcycle touring increase exponentially. More and more big bikes are on the road than ever before, and this phenomenon is being repeated throughout south east Asia. The roads and the scenery in Malaysia are tailor-made for bikers and there are a lot of businesses springing up to take care of the biker needs both before departure and also whilst on the road. Of course, before hitting the road you need to make sure the bike is fit for purpose, oil, water and tyre checks are standard as are brake tests. If you have a bike that is relatively uncommon, you may need to visit a custom motorcycle parts store in Malaysia before you set off, as many parts for bigger bikes are not available in every town and city, particularly if you’re crossing the border into Thailand.

Assuming that your bike is in tip-top condition and ready to go, we’ll use this blog to highlight some road trips you can take both within Malaysia and in the region. These are only my suggestions as they are my favourites and I have named them accordingly, please feel free to design your own route and feedback.

  1. The Cameron Highlands – This relatively easy road trip takes in the very best that Malaysia can offer with stunning vistas, a laid-back vibe and plenty of places to stop for a breaks and relaxation. The accommodation in this area is usually situated in areas of outstanding beauty, so after a long day biking you can kick your boots off and enjoy the sights and sounds of this magical location.
  2. Northern and Eastern States Tour – Exploring the north and east of the country, this ride is simply stunning. With roads that seem to be made for bikers, friendly locals and a panoramic sea of green in every direction, this is one tour that should be on every bikers’ bucket list.
  3. Into Thailand Tour – This tour involves slightly longer days in the saddle but is well worth it. Thailand has a huge biking community that traverses the whole country and the chances are you will see some of them on the road as you leave Malaysia. Heading through the southern Thai states you can visit Hat Yai, Krabi and even further afield to Koh Samui. The Into Thailand Tour gives you a taste of what this country has to offer whilst experiencing cultural delights and food at every stop.

Preparing for Your Road Trip

My favourite tours detailed above are not really what could be described as off the beaten track, but it is wise to pack some tools and perhaps even parts that are hard to find anywhere but your custom parts store. The usual precautions apply when driving at night, this is particularly important in rural locations where lighting is limited and there may be animals and people on the road.

Have fun on whatever tour you go on but ride safely and beware of others on the road. Ride on!


As a mechanical engineer turned blogger, Charlie provides readers with a technical, yet accessible look into the world of automotive engineering and design. His insightful posts make complex car technologies understandable.