Important points to keep in mind before buying second-hand bikes

8 Essential Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Second-Hand Bike | Acko

Today, the vehicle has made our life more convenient and easy to go anywhere. There are many different bikes in the market, more brands are coming up with their big bikes every year and meanwhile craze of big bike increasing day by day. Prices of new big-brand bikes are also high because of this some people can’t afford it. Then what should they do?

What is the benefit of second-hand bikes?

If you want to buy big bikes, but you don’t have enough money, then the only alternative available second-hand bikes. Many people prefer a second-hand bike so that they can save their money and get a favourite bike.

Points to remember:

  • Make a list of your favourite bikes: Make a list of your favourite bikes, Buy a motorcycle [รับ ซื้อ มอเตอร์ไซค์, which is the term in Thai] then it will be easy to you to find bikes. Supposeif you need a bike which offers 60-70kmpl mileage then you have to choose a bike according to that.
  • Find a good or trusted dealer: If you don’t have perfect knowledge from where to buy a second-hand bike, then you can approach a dealer but make sure that dealer has a good reputation in selling second-hand bikes.
  • Check original papers of bikes: Always check bike papers thoroughly. Make sure you match engine number and chassis number of bike and also check whether the bike is stolen or not because you might face difficulties in future.
  • Take a test ride: Before buying a second-hand bike you must take a test ride which can help you to get information about the bike. If you don’t have much idea about the bike you can go to a regular mechanic, he can tell you if there is any problem with a bike.

Where can you buy second-hand bikes?

If it all sounds a bit overwhelming to you, then you can book your second- hand bike online Buy second-handed motorcycle [รับซื้อรถมอไซค์มือสอง, which is the term in Thai]. There are multiple dealers available online, so choose your dealer wisely.


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