How to Enjoy a Night Ride Safely

Driving at night is mostly done by people when time is limited to reach a particular destination all by road. In general, drivers tend to avoid night driving as it involves high risk of collisions and at the least demands great nerves from the drivers to withstand the constant flow of challenges. According to NHTSA, probabilities of car-related collisions multiply to three times with nighttime driving, than it happens in the daytime. The reasons are various while the solutions are few.

When we asked a group of expert drivers at the Smithfield Chevrolet dealer about how to drive safely when it is dark, they shared with us some valuable insights that we felt worth sharing.

Why Night Driving is Risky

We all know that at night, the outward visibility reduces to half in comparison to the daytime, and the driver finds it difficult to decipher the colors and proportions that mislead them often while taking split second decisions. As night driving feels more tiresome because of sleepiness and monotony, the risk of getting trapped into a road accident rise beyond our calculation.

In addition to this, glaring headlights from the cars coming from opposite direction blinds the already affected visibility of the driver, and that results into fatal accidents.

So, here’s what the experts suggest regarding night driving to ensure safety at all means.

Maintaining Good Visibility

As discussed above, the major reason for night drive accidents are lower visibility. To make driving easier at night , on needs to make sure that all the visibility components like windshield, rear mirrors and headlights are as clean as new.

By setting the inside rear-view mirror to the night or auto-dim mode will help avoid glare at night.

Turn on the Headlights in Advance

Twilight is even more deceptive than the night, and many drivers forget this fact while driving. If the sun is about to set, and things are getting darker but not totally dark, turn the headlights on, before the evening twilight starts creating optical illusions.

Drive Slow

Slow driving is the rule of the thumb for safe driving. Whenever there are driving challenges in front of you, slowing down your vehicle will buy you some time and chance to take the right decision at the right time. Maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles will also keep you away from unnecessary collisions.

Blow Horn

Whenever you are about to take a turn or you notice any life moving in front of you, blow your horn much in advance and do not shy away from using it frequently while driving at night.

Dealing with Oncoming Headlights

We all know how difficult it is to drive when everything else is dark and the constant flow of headlights coming from the opposite direction doesn’t stop. That is one of the major reasons of road accidents. The only way to stay safe from these oncoming headlights is not to look at them, and keep your eyes fixed on the road.

Now that you are aware of these precautionary measures suggested by the experts of the Smithfield Chevrolet following them religiously while driving at night will not only keep you safe, but also encourage to enjoy the drive!


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