How 2022 Mazda 6 is Bringing Back the Sedan Craze

Sedans are one of those car body styles that has never seen the exit door, in the automotive market, since the industry has picked up its speed. Of course, the trend for utility vehicles has jolted the popularity of sedans for a while, when more and more buyers were choosing crossovers, few models like Mazda 6 dared to retain the interest and preference for sedans in the minds of prospective buyers, and the sales chart of the 2022 Mazda 6 proves this point every day.

We got to know from the Mazda dealer Serving Tempe and Phoenix that Mazda 6 is a series of beautifully crafted sedans that had always been counted among the premium segment of midsize sedans, in which its 2022 model year edition is expected to take a huge leap towards the next step. It is a known fact that Mazda 6 is now all set to make its all-new SkyActiv-X inline-6 engine its major feature highlight with an RWD drivetrain to give the drivers an all-new platform to experience a heightened drive pleasure. The car has already stood out tall in its own segment, also because the buyers can also consider going with its hybrid powertrain and some luxury features for the cabin.

What Will You Find as New?

As promised, the new 2022 Mazda 6 sedan series is going to woo the market with some heart-warming changes. It is declared by Mazda itself that this new-generation sedan will offer a new driving platform to the drivers who will get to enjoy for the first time the benefits of a longitudinal engine layout, which is attracting even more prospective buyers than ever.

The 2022 Mazda 6 sedan series will now offer rear-wheel drive setup as the standard drivetrain configuration instead of the front-wheel drive that was so long been continued till the current generation. In addition to this, a new SkyActiv-X inline-6 engine will be paired with a 48-volt hybrid system to attain an exemplary fuel efficiency.

Under the Hood Configurations

The 2022 model year edition of the Mazda 6 series is going to bring some significant changes under the hoods as well. It is now rumored that Mazda will replace the existing inline-4 engine with a highly anticipated inline-6 cylinder engine that will be set up as an RWD. This new engine will be duly coupled with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The SkyActiv-X engine will be equipped with the new ignition technology that will save the 2022 Mazda 6 models from unnecessary fuel consumption. This new setup will be able to produce an impressive 350 hp, and that is enough to push the 2022 Mazda 6 models one step higher in the performance chart of the entire compact sedan category.

Handling and Maneuvering

Since the 2022 model year edition of the Mazda 6 series is promising these advancements under their hoods, it is expected that handling this sedan will be much easier than ever before. However, according to some authentic speculations of the Tempe and Phoenix Mazda dealership, the 2022 model year edition of Mazda 6 is now being expected to handle the road impurities perfectly, thanks to the newly imbibed aerodynamics that includes a stiffer chassis, and a sport-tuned suspension that complements the power with an enduring performance of the efficient engine.


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