Choosing AMG for the high performance 

AMG is the company that designs and produces the racing engines. Their business has been expanded greatly into the custom road cars. In recent years AMG and Mercedes both in the partnership have produced some of the fantastic and unusual cars which has created a buzz among the people. This company mainly focuses on the high performance, superior handling and power which make it different from the rest.  Its engines have now become a must have engines for racing teams. 

What makes them unique?

  • Diverse model range – Mercedes-AMG model is most diverse and it keeps on growing as per the customer’s requirements. Day by day customer demands the high performance of the vehicle so they work to fulfill the demand of different customers. There are 40+ high performing vehicles having the horsepower of 367 to 630. These models include sedans, copes and SUVs as they try giving their best to every customer. 
  • High performance – their main goal is to serve the customers with the best in class. They are among the leading company in the market regarding emission, performance and consumption of fuel. Every Mercedes-AMG luxurious and high performing cars have the finest quality detailing and serve the outstanding performance making it a pleasure to drive. 

Top cars by the company

  • Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series – the SLS AMG black series is completely different. It was the first car to be emerged from the AMG’s shop as a full car. This SLS was the first one to have handling match to its fantastic looks and high performing engine. 
  • Hammer – This car established the brand. It gives you 365 horsepower and W124- chasses E Class that can give a tuff competition even to Ferrari testarossa. Its great design and high performance has set the benchmarks for most of the cars to come. 

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