Call the Pros When You Need a Fast Vehicle Delivery

Are you moving to another state? Did you just buy a car online and you need it to come home? Did you sell your car and agreed you’ll deliver it to the new owner? You have two options in all three situations – drive by yourself or hire a car delivery service. 

If you’re thinking about this problem, you need to know that it’s always better to hire the pros. Doing it on your own comes with a lot of stress. Some people think that it’s less expensive this way, which is not true in all situations. 

Read on to learn why most of the time it’s wiser to find a good transportation company instead of driving across the country to deliver a car on your own! If you don’t know where to look for one, try for information that might be interesting to you.

Driving distance is very important

Do you know how much time it takes to get from New York to Los Angeles by car? It will take you days, literally. Are you going to drive all this by yourself? Why would you do that? 

Hiring a professional moving company that is transporting cars will do it for you and will do it much better and faster. Professional drivers are used to this kind of thing and they have strict driving regulative that allows them to get your car from one place to another without even trying too much.

On the other hand, you’ll need to sleep over somewhere in the middle of the trip, you’ll spend money for food, for hotels, for gas, and when you make a calculation it will turn out to be a lot more affordable if you just hired someone else.

Let’s not even talk about the ability to drive all this way through. Unlike you, professional drivers are doing that for a living. When your car gets boarded on a truck, depending on the distance, there will probably be two drivers in it. While one is driving the other is resting. This way you don’t have to worry about anything and you can be 100% that they’ll get on the desired destination much faster than you will.

Think about all the eventual situations that you’ll encounter on the way. Traffic jams, scary mountain roads, different climates, winds, rains, crazy drivers on the highways, there’s everything out there and unless you’re used to this, it won’t be easy completing the trip alone.


Speaking of weather conditions during the trip, you need to know that there’s a huge difference between transporting during the winter and the summer. 

Depending on the location and where you’ll need to drive, it might become a serious problem that is even life-threatening if you try to undertake this alone. Winter conditions in some parts of the country can be deadly. On the other hand, even the summer conditions in other parts of the country can be too.

If you bought a new car in San Francisco and you want to transport it to Houston in mid-August, you should know that you’ll pass through some seriously deadly terrains if you have no proper equipment. 

What do we mean by this? It’s great driving through the hot landscapes in Nevada and Arizona in a truck with perfectly adjusted AC, but driving in a vehicle that you just bought and you’re not sure what you can expect can turn out deadly. 

If your car breaks in the middle of nowhere, and you’re out of food and water, it can be really scary. You don’t want this to happen as money will be the least problem for getting out of the situation. 

Spending precious time

As we said in the beginning, driving from coast to coast is spending days on the road. Aren’t you supposed to be at work? Don’t you have things to do at home? Why would you spend so much time driving when you can simply let others do it for you? 

Eliminating the possibility of accidents

One of the biggest concern in this situation is getting into an accident. The chances this to happen are never small. Did you know that there are 1.25 million deaths caused by car accidents each year in the world? That’s almost 3,300 deaths per day. See more statistic on this link

This is a number of deaths only, and not every accident is resulting in dying. Some crashes leave people injured for a lifetime and some cause only material damage. You got to admit it, chances are big to get out on the road and something unwanted to happen. It doesn’t even have to be your fault. Some irresponsible driver might fall asleep on the wheel and crash directly in you. You did nothing wrong, but the trouble is done.

When professionals drive, they don’t do accidents. Even if they do, your car is being insured by the company transporting it so you have nothing to worry about. Whatever happens, can only result in delay and nothing more.

Some pros for doing it on your own

I won’t be professional to be quiet about a few good sides of transporting yourself. Aside from the price that might turn out lower if you travel on shorter distances, there’s the chance to experience a nice road trip with your family or friends. Visit something interesting along the way, like an Indian casino, or the Grand Canyon. It can be fun if everything goes as planned.


The conclusion would be that giving this job to the pros means eliminating every chance for something to go wrong with your plan. Assigning them means you don’t have to think about this problem anymore. 

One moment you worried about how to do it and the next one your vehicle is in your house’s driveway. On top of this, long-distance transports are even more affordable this way. When you take everything into consideration, it’s best if you let the professionals do their job.


As a mechanical engineer turned blogger, Charlie provides readers with a technical, yet accessible look into the world of automotive engineering and design. His insightful posts make complex car technologies understandable.