Why Should You Get Your Car Serviced Regularly?

It is not legally mandatory to visit the dentist on a timely basis. However, we still do so to ensure that your teeth remain healthy for as long as possible. Regular car service in Croydon serves a similar function for your car. For most people, buying their vehicle is going to be a big investment. It will most likely take them a long time to save up enough money to make the purchase. Some car owners even take loans to get their first vehicle financed. Moreover, road accidents are among the leading causes of death. You wouldn’t want to risk your safety for the heck of saving a couple of bucks on car service. Simply put, regularly getting your car serviced is a worthy investment. Here are some detailed arguments that affirm the same:

  • Avoiding service dates can void your warranty:

Most automobile manufacturers require a record of the car’s service history whenever you make a claim based on the vehicle’s warranty. Without a valid service history, you will not be made privy to the benefits of your car’s warranty. This can be a troublesome situation if your car has some manufacturing defects. On the other hand, if you maintain a steady record, and get your car serviced regularly, you’ll be able to avoid the above-mentioned problem. Mechanics at the service station will also let you know if they find any manufacturing defects. Simply put, regular car service in Croydon not only protects your vehicle’s warranty, but it also tells you when to use it. 

  • Regular Servicing preserves the monetary value of your car:

You might wish to upgrade to a new vehicle someday. To do the same, you’ll likely sell your old one. Thus, to get the best bang for your buck in the long-run, you should maintain the monetary value of your vehicle. Having a regular service history is one of the ways to do so. Simply put, if you do your best to keep your car in peak condition, it will find a second owner for a good price. 

  • Choosing not to get regular servicing increases your long-term expenditure:

A car is a complex piece of machinery that houses several intricate parts. They require regular maintenance to function properly. For instance, if you don’t get the engine oil changed at regular intervals, it can damage the engine. What do you think will cost more? Getting the engine oil replaced, or getting the entire engine repaired? Furthermore, you compromise the safety of everyone who rides an unserviced car. Do you want to put your family members at risk to save a few dollars on servicing? Even from a monetary perspective, hospital bills cost more than servicing bills. 

All in all, getting your car serviced regularly benefits you in many ways. It helps you in keeping your car in an optimal condition whilst saving you money in the long-run. The increased safety that comes with driving a serviced vehicle is yet another plus. So, even though it is not a legal requirement to get your car serviced regularly, there are no logical reasons to avoid the practice. 


As a mechanical engineer turned blogger, Charlie provides readers with a technical, yet accessible look into the world of automotive engineering and design. His insightful posts make complex car technologies understandable.