Volkswagen: Know the outstanding drive assistant features offered by VW!

Every driver wants to buy the safest vehicle that offers the best safety features. Volkswagen has always remained with a core philosophy, i.e., Volks, then wagen, People, then car. Volkswagen people have been serving billions of smiles and miles to the people who drive their cars. Modern Volkswagen vehicles’ obligation to engineering safe vehicles continue unchanged.

The advanced safety features on modern Volkswagen vehicles are specially designed to make people feel confident and secure on the road. It is better to invest in a jeep for sale near me that offers safety features to protect lives and vehicles. Here, we have gathered a helpful guide for a better understanding of VW’s innovative safety features. 

Volkswagen Drive Assistant features:

Park Assist

Volkswagen has introduced the Parking Steering Assistant, which makes parking effortlessly possible. The Park assist helps in judging the size of the parking spot. If the parking spot is big enough, then the Park Assist will help steer the vehicle into that space. The driver only needs to operate the accelerator, brake, and shifter, and Park Assist handles all other work. Getting the drive assistant features in a jeep for sale near me can fulfill your dream of getting a new car at a discounted price.  

Rear Traffic Alert

With the facility of Rear Traffic Alert, the sensors on both sides of the rear bumper help the driver to be alert or aware of the vehicle crossing. The Rear Traffic Alert alerts the driver, especially when in reverse. If the sensors alert, that means the system has detected a vehicle trying to cross the perpendicular path of yours. The Alert will provide you with the visual and audible warning and sometimes can even apply the brakes if you are less alerted or concentrated.

Blind Spot Monitor

The Blind Spot Monitor has the sensors that are able to sense every single thing that driver might miss. While driving, when the driver attempts to change the lane, the Blind Spot Monitor helps by altering you about the cars that may be in your blind spot. This is quite helpful as sometimes the driver is less concentrated, alerts can help to know about the blind spot.

Front Assist

There is a system includes in Front Assist known as Forward Collision Warning System that has sensors to help observe traffic. The sensors of the system alert the driver about the potential collision. In case any collision is forthcoming, then Autonomous Emergency Braking, including the Front Assist, applies the brakes automatically. You must look for an automobile or 4×4 jeep for sale near me that offers this amazing feature of Forward Collision Warning System. 

Lane Assist

At the time the car is in motion, the Lane Departure Warning feature helps by sensing the car direction if the driver begins to drift into another lane. The Lane Assist start working if you start drifting without using the turn signal. In most Volkswagen models, Lane Assist helps steer to keep in the right lane and maintain the lane position.


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