Setting up a Car Tyre Shop in SG

Tyre stores are regarded as one of the popular businesses in the automobile industry. It is regarded as one of the riskiest ventures which young minds are enjoying to come in. One has to have good control over the inventory. He needs to ponder and understand the demand for the product at different times. Every tyre has got something or the other different specification. Well, this business can be set up in both a small town and a metropolitan city. However, the only thing which you need to consider is the automobile density in that particular location. Having a tyre store which has got all the accessories required for the automobile with all aligned services is considered to be the most profitable business.

However, setting up the cart tyre business cannot be regarded as a simple task. The entire procedure needs to be done in a planned manner. First of all, you need to have a license to open the shop. After that, you need to draft a blueprint for the entire set up. 

The work should begin with:

Choosing a Location or Space

It is very important to select a location wisely. You should go to the areas near to the roadside. This will help you to enhance your earning ability as you will be able to fetch the customers quite easily.

Market Researching

It is very important to do research work. You need to make sure that you have all the tyres which are in demand of the market. One should keep this in mind is losing any customer due to the unavailability of the product adds a bad reputation to its name.

Other Service Offerings

A tyre business should even offer other related services such as repairing, retailing, mounting, and alignment. It is even profitable to keep all the accessories or decorative items of the vehicle.

Marketing your Business Name

Offering free service to the customers who acquired tyres from your store for certain periods adds a good name to your business.

There are many car tyre shop in SG hence you need to make sure that you are coming up with something which has got its uniqueness. Make sure to attract the customers by offering the product at discounted rates, luring gifts, and surprising gifts. This way, you will be able to sustain in the market in the initial stage.


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