Major Areas You Should Check For Pre Purchase Car Inspection San Diego California

A pre-purchase car inspection is pretty much carried out to ensure that the used car that you are about to buy is in a good working condition. Just because a car turns on when the ignition key is used doesn’t mean that it qualifies to pass the test. No, there is much more to it than that. Pre-purchase car inspection San Diego California should cover every part of the car – the engine, chassis, lights, chromes, and all.

In conducting a pre purchase car inspection, here are little pointers to some areas that you should pay attention to.

  1. The Engine

It goes without saying that the engine should attract the most attention; it is after all the heart of the vehicle. You want to make sure that the engine isn’t emitting any noise that it shouldn’t be as those could be warning signs about something that is wrong or something that is about to go wrong.

You want to know how the radiator and thermostat works. Does the thermostat kick in when the coolant reach a certain level so that the coolant can be recycled from warm back to cool via the radiator coils? Are the hoses from the radiator to the engine all in fine condition? Are the belts that keep the engine functioning old and worn out? Are all the engine’s air filters still working properly? These questions must all be answered thoroughly before a purchase can be made.

  1. Fluids

Much like the engine, the fluids enable cars run properly and smoothly. These fluids run important functions like keeping the engine cool and clean, keeps the brakes and other pressure operated components function properly and basic things like making sure your windshield wiper is working as well. It is thus best that you check these out during the inspection.

You want to check out for the levels of these oils in their various locations and ensure that they measure up right. You want to make sure that there is no oil leaks that might have resulted from a damaged gasket or leaks. You want to make sure that the oils are not looking too dark or grainy and if it is, you should best change it.

  1. Dashboard

Your dashboard is more like your control center. It contains several lights and indications that will alert you if there was something wrong or about to go wrong with your vehicle. You thus want to consult the dashboard of a car you want to buy during a pre purchase car inspection San Diego California. 

You want to make sure that all the gauges on the dashboard are working properly and that none of the warning lights are blinking. If any of it is, make sure you have a mechanic check it out before you a purchase.

In addition to these, another area that needs to be checked is the body of the car. Pre-purchase car inspection San Diego California plays a key role in determining the condition of a car. 


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