How To Select The Best Portable Weighbridge Pads?

When it comes to buying a weighbridge, there are several factors to consider. The essential thing is to choose the weighbridge that suits your industry and specific needs. As the main reason to install weighbridge is to reduce the cost and if it doesn’t serve your requirement, it’s not going to reduce your expense; instead, you will increase your business cost.

There are different types of weighbridges available to meet the specific needs. But today we will discuss about the portable weighbridge. Portable weighbridge pads are designed for the business that requires to weigh the load at different places. You can easily move them and take them to the desired location.

But the question is how to choose the best portable weighbridge pads? Here are some major factors that you need to take into consideration.

Quality of Load Cells

Load cells are the sensors in the weighing scale that generates the weight reading. It can vary in shape, size, capacity and type (Digital or analog).

To evaluate the quality of the portable weighbridge pads, you need to ensure about its build quality and internal clearance, i.e., how well the load cell can cope with the contraction and expansion caused by temperature change while truck moves through the pads. It helps to prevent the load cell from physical deformation and depends on the load capacity of the pads.

Most of the weighbridge’s load cells are based on the rocker pin design and fitted with hardened steel cups at each end. If you want extra protection check for the IP69K steel cell rating, it will give additional protection to the cell against dirt and water

Check Indicator and Signal Cables

In a weigh scale like a weighbridge, the indicators should be in perfect shape and able to show the weight value in the operator machine without any difficulty.

And as the name suggests, Signal cable passes the signal from load cell the operator machine. A low-quality cable gets damaged easily so you always look for a high-quality cable that can withstand some rough environment.

But if you don’t want such a hassle you can install Trakblaze’s wireless portable truck scale. It’s even PC compatible and you can download any time.

Software, Data Management, and User Interface

Software is a crucial component in a modern weighbridge system. It automatically recognizes the change in weight and transmits the data to the operating machine where the data is displayed. To evaluate the software, you need to look for following things

  • How easy is it to use the software? Does it require an IT professional or with a simple training anyone can operate it?
  • Is it compatible with PC or not?
  • Data provided (Each axle, tire, before and afterload, etc.)
  • Does it stores the historical data and let us download it

Size of Weighbridge

The next thing to consider while selecting the best portable weighbridge is the size of the weighbridge. Always try to choose the weigh scale that are can accommodate the length and weight of any truck size.

Most truck scale manufacturing companies offer standard-sized weighbridges, but some provide the custom dimension scale to meet customer needs. So, it better to choose the suitable size for weighbridge to perfume the weighing without any issue.

Finally, while purchasing a weighbridge, always look for a reputable manufacturer like Trakblaze that provides standard warranty, service and customer support. It requires good investments and can do wonders for your business, so if you are still confused, seek for expert advice. Trakblaze also provides the appropriate advice for the best weighing solution for your industry.


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