How to find the best car rental company in 2020

In this busy environment having your own ride is a significant advantage and blessing. AS more and more people want a better experience than what public transportation provides or want to save their time, they are looking for alternative options like car rental services.

Hence, the demand, as well as the supply for rental companies, has been on the rise since the last few years. As the idea of traveling, exploring new places, and new cultures and meeting people have been romanticized and adopted across the globe, the need and importance for car rental has only increased.

Based on where you are planning to visit, you can easily rent a car in Dubai, LA, and so on. However, as the options available have increased, some people are finding it a challenge to find the right car rental company for their trip or any other use.

However, in this blog, we will help ensure you have the top-notch experience the next time you plan to rent a car. Let’s see how you can find the best deal in 2020.

Lookup for your car rental service provider online

In this digital age, you can book your rented car at any time and from anywhere. However, as there is an increasing number of car rental companies available, it can get a little tricky finding the right option for you.

Take some time and look up a few rental companies in the city where you want to visit. For example, to rent a car in Dubai, you have to shortlist a few top car rental service providers and go to their website. Fortunately, these days you can find almost anything you want to know about the company on their website. From the car models, brands, and styles that have available for rental to the hourly or daily rates they charge, all this information is just a few clicks away from you.

Hence, make sure you spend some time, look up companies and create a shortlist of a couple of service providers that seem reliable, offer excellent customer services, and above all, have the kind of vehicles you are looking for.

Find the best deal

Now that you have a shortlist of rental companies, your search becomes more personalized, as, in this step, we will pick that one firm that offers the best deal. Check out the deals available and rental rates of all companies on the list.

If you are going on vacation in the holiday season or you happen to be visiting in the off-season, you may be lucky enough to be renting when the company runs a great discount deal. Every now and then, at times to breakeven or stay competitive, rental companies run excellent packages and discounted deals.

However, if you don’t find any firm offering discounts, don’t worry, you will still be able to find reasonable rates. Sometimes, when you rent a car in Dubai or some other big city that’s popular with tourists, you can find great competitive prices.

So, finally, all you have to do is compare all the rates and discounted deals you have gathered. Then, you pick some car rental that fits in your budget and works out for you.

Discuss your special request (if any)

If you plan to rent a car for your business trip or a family vacation, it is possible that you have special requests to make, people often do!

You may want the car rental company to send you the ride to the airport, and you can start the experience as soon as you land in the city. Besides, a lot of people even ask their firm to drop the rental to the house even when they are renting where they live.

Moreover, when you are on vacation with family, one of the standard requests is setting baby seats in the back for kids. When you are traveling back kids, you want to make sure you don’t just have your ride, but it’s also ready for them. Another tip to remember when traveling with your family make sure you pick an appropriate vehicle with enough space based on your needs. That said, in case you rent a car in Dubai or other cities with a lot of international footfall, you will be able to find an exceptional variety of vehicles available for rent. Make sure you take advantage of such benefits.

Enjoy the ride

Finally, when all the work is done, you get to enjoy the top-notch convenience and experience of driving a car and moving around at your schedule. Renting your ride, particularly when on a trip, completely changes your experience. It actually allows you to see the local markets, go to places that might not be very popular among tourists, but they give you the real taste of the exotic culture. You truly get to know a place when you visit their markets, try street food, and become part of the city. Having a personal car to travel around and not relying on public transportation helps you do that well than anything else.

Besides, renting a car in your city can be very helpful, especially when you don’t own a ride. Many special occasions require exceptional preparations. For example, if you have a wedding of a close relative or good friend coming up, or you want to take your partner on a surprise anniversary dinner, you can make some time occasion super memorable.

Summing up

The contemporary world is all about convenience and services. People no more want to buy products, but they want to purchase experience. Rental services are the best example of this shift in how people consume. With websites, having representatives taking care of your additional request and making sure you have the best experience with the company proves that renting a car is a service that ensures you have a better time. The above-listed steps help not only find the right rental company and deal, but it also confirms you have a great experience.


As a mechanical engineer turned blogger, Charlie provides readers with a technical, yet accessible look into the world of automotive engineering and design. His insightful posts make complex car technologies understandable.