How To Apply For Uber Car Hire And What Are The Basic Requirements?

Not every person owns his vehicle in such a case traveling becomes a problematic issue from which half of us suffer. Uber has therefore launched the services which help solve such issues. Uber is a famous reputed American company that trades in peer to peer travel services through mobile systems associated with vehicles like cars, auto, and bikes. The travelers can now book their desired vehicle through which they can complete their journey to any destination. With additional feature of uber car hire traveling to further places have become more convenient. You can rent a car on uber and travel to the places you want to without the driver. The nominal fee will be charged according to the terms and conditions mentioned by the company.

How to rent a car in uber

Uber’s renting program has made the life of people easy. They can travel anywhere even if they do not own their vehicle. uber car hire offers cars on a rental where you do not require a driver and can drive anywhere on your wish. However, there are some requirements that a customer needs to fill up before they can rent a car:

  • Sign up: this procedure involves creating an account on uber. Doing this you will be able to choose rent a vehicle option
  • Receiving car: once you apply for car rental, a pickup point will be asked from where you can get the car
  • Car pickup: once you get the car you can start traveling.
  • Rental extension: the facility of extending rentals 3 times in 7 days is given
  • Return the car: after using the vehicle is supposed to be returned at pick up point

Fare structure of uber car hire

uber has created fixed criteria of rent according to the time of usage. The price is charged accordingly. For example, in India, a customer is supposed to pay 2 rs per minute if the time limit exceeds one hour if the rental starts from rs. 200.

Thus, we can conclude that uber car hire is an easy process and a common approach that people are switching to nowadays. The main advantage of hiring a car is you can keep the car as long as you require, there are no time boundations but the charges according to the hours are applied. Uber hire allows you to do your daily tasks of traveling without any complications. When traveling in the Uber car on booking the customers are forced to pay the delay charges but with the hiring facility, there is no such rule. Customers can stop whenever they need and for unknown minutes.


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