How Often Should You Test and Replace Your Car Batteries?

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Batteries that are used for vehicles are meant to be strong, durable, and reliable. It is often seen and referred to by auto experts as a silent member of the automobile system that never asks for constant attention. Car batteries are supposed to work relentlessly irrespective of the diverse weather condition, or regular maintenance.

However, as with any other mechanism, even the car batteries can face troubles, if you deny them the basic conditions of survival. Today, as the automobile industry has taken a big leap towards green technologies, the entire industry of car batteries is witnessing revolutionary changes including the battery power output, the charging system, and its mileage, especially in the cases of all-electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid models, stated the staff members of the Blackfoot battery service center.

Usual Lifespan of Car Batteries

On average, the latest car batteries are meant to last as long as four years straight. However, under certain circumstances of accidental mal handling or over usage can drain out the battery life overnight. For example, if you forget to turn down the headlights and leave them on throughout long hours, the car battery will inevitably lose all its life juice.

Hence, in any of such circumstances, where the car battery is showing a sign of illness or going dead, the rule of thumb can be nothing but an immediate replacement. Therefore, under usual situations, car owners need to prepare themselves for a new battery investment, if their cars are awaiting their fourth anniversary. But, if a car battery dies because of some negligence or accidental reasons, the owners need to keep a watch on the symptoms of battery drainage and go for battery testing.

Common Symptoms of a Dying Car Battery

If you notice any of the following, know that it is time for your car to have a new set of batteries under its hood. When a car battery starts dying, it will first affect the electrical system of the car. You can notice a dimmed headlight, a later response when turning them on, a weak alternator, or a slowed-down infotainment system. In other words, every component that uses electricity in your car will have a visibly insufficient supply.

Battery Testing and Replacement  There is a wide range of battery testers that you can avail when you search for them. The latest available options for car battery testing can be of different types tagging different price ranges. Those who have a knack for dealing with their car problems with a DIY approach can simply plug in the car’s cigarette lighter to measure the level of charge it is left with. You can also invest in a clip tester to test your car batteries, provided you take all the necessary precautions to protect your skin from the battery acids. There if you find your car battery is only in need of a recharge, you are saved, but if it fails to function normally while playing any or all of the electrical systems of your car, consider consulting a certified technician, get it tested by the professionals, suggested the team of mechanics who offer services of battery testing & replacement in Blackfoot.


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