How Artificial Intelligence Becoming the Necessity for Fleet Owners

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the technologies that every company is trying to incorporate in their devices these days. First thing first let’s understand what AI is? AI is a technology learns/ reacts like humans. 

AI these days is used to improve wide range of fleet services, making the business more profitable and cost effective. Below are some of the ways where AI is helping the fleet owners:

Monitors Driving Behaviour:

With AI technology, the fleet owners can simply monitor their driver’s behaviour while driving and gives you an impression of how the driving the vehicle and alerts the driver himself in case he is over-speeding or following the wrong route.  All can be taken care with the help of data capturing. A device like KENT CamEye provides the data of the driver’s driving behaviour that includes speed, engine idling, start and stop, and so much more. 

Improves safety of the Vehicle:

The drivers may not even know how frequently he is driving in a wrong manner. KENT CamEye’s State-of-the-art technology records audio & video inside and outside of the vehicle, using dual cameras and all together allows live streaming accessible from anywhere in the world.

Superior Route Planning:

With the help of AI which helps the GPS trackers in connected with all the routes helps the fleet managers in identifying routes to save both time and money. The smart route preparation lowers the unproductive work and reduces unnecessary fuel expenses.

One device that has an amazing AI technology for vehicles is KENT CamEye. It is a Next-Gen vehicle security device that ensures safety of your fleet and security of your vehicle. This device is mounted on windscreen of the vehicle and it comes with dual cameras to record inside & outside view of the vehicle. It comes with inbuilt GPS tracker for car that helps you to track real-time location of the car and is powered by 4G /LTE.

KENT CamEye has key features that can enhance your business: 

  • Live Video Streaming:  As the device has dual cameras the fleet owner can live video stream of either camera view on the mobile. The device’s cameras are night vision enabled and ensure you can see everything that happens inside without any hassle. 
  • 2-Way Calling: This feature enables the fleet owner in calling the driver instantly through KENT CamEye app. If in case the driver’s phone is busy / out of reach , he can call on the device through app and on second ring it gets automatically answered
  • Secure Cloud Storage: The device saves recorded videos and audio and instantly uploads it to cloud storage on real-time basis. The data is retained for 90 days on the cloud and all the data is encrypted during transit and can only be decrypted by the owner whenever he wants to access.
  • Artificial Intelligence based smart alerts: The device sends alerts whenever any of the parameters are breached. For eg. alerts are generated when an unknown driver is detected, over speeding, loud music,  etc. can be configured and sent on owner’s mobile phone
  • In-Car Alarms: In- car alerts get activated whenever the driver breaches one of the set parameters like speed, battery level etc. the device uses the inbuilt speaker to give audio alarms to the driver while he is driving. Volume level can be customized.

KENT CamEye helps the owner in preventing the misuse of the vehicle and safeguards the interest of the business. It is entirely made in India and is available on Amazon India and on The device is available at a price range of Rs.17, 999 and offers 3 months free subscription after which monthly and yearly subscriptions are available. To book a free demo and experience the device call 9582612345 and one of our executives will arrange a free session with you. 


As a mechanical engineer turned blogger, Charlie provides readers with a technical, yet accessible look into the world of automotive engineering and design. His insightful posts make complex car technologies understandable.