A guide to becoming an automotive industry expert

If you’ve been working at a job in the automotive industry for a while, you will have realised that there’s a lot to learn and it pays to know your stuff. So, the trick is to build your knowledge and then you won’t get left behind… okay? Keep your flow of sales steady, with a high conversion rate by understanding your market, products, and industry news. That way, you’ll instil confidence in potential customers seeking a new car. Here’s our selection of top reads, if you’re aiming to make it the automotive industry.

Autonomy: The Quest to Build the Driverless Car – And How It Will Reshape Our World

We’ve all heard about the autonomous vehicle — there has even been some experiments carried out by big industry players such as Uber (not all of which ended well). But, the reality of driverless cars could be closer than we think. In fact, Volkswagen has stated that its driverless car technology is on course to be released into its car collection at VW retailers across the UK in 2021. As someone in the automotive industry, it’s important that you’re aware of vital changes in regard to the innovative machines.

Not due for release until 9th August 2019, this book will give you a great insight into the invention of the machine. Written by Lawrence Burns who was involved in the development of the disruptive machine, you’ll gain a better understanding of the motors behind this concept and how exactly it will alter our roads, and ultimately, our lives.

Ford GT: How Ford Silenced the Critics, Humbled Ferrari and Conquered Le Mans

To know all there is to know in the automotive industry, you need to top up your brand knowledge. And, what better way to do this then by reading about one of the greatest race car stories in history – the Ford GT was built to beat the world, as some might say!

This book follows the story of when Henry Ford decided he wanted to develop a car that was capable of competing in top racing events across Europe — ultimately, he wanted to win Le Mans. After some intense negotiations with Ferrari which resulted in them dropping out of selling their company, Ford went on to develop the Ford GT40 – the ultimate mid-engine at the time. Get involved with the story and learn more about one of the greatest car companies that there is. 

Form Follows Function: The Art of The Supercar 

There’s something aspirational about a supercar, and as technology advances, they are only getting better. For those of us who prefer a glossy picture book to a hefty page turner, this portfolio is comprised of a beautifully shot selection of supercars, courtesy of the legendary automotive photographer James Mann. 

It is an exquisite display of machinery, with up close and personal glimpses of some of the most illusive names in car manufacturing, with the likes of Bugatti, Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Maserati gracing each page. Live out your supercar ambition vicariously through this book. 

Drive: The Definitive History of Motoring

Petrol heads rejoice! This book has it all, from public commentary to biographies from major figures in the motoring industry, Giles Chapman curates a breadth of history, culminating in the forecast for futuristic motoring. The book spans from 1985 to current day and it is jam packed with facts and figures on every imaginable automotive topic, leaving no stone unturned. 

It provides an interesting insight into technological development and the cultural acceptance of cars throughout time, pondering on the development of cars as a means for transport into the perspective of a vehicle being a status symbol. 

British Auto Legends

In a celebration of the motoring legacy of the British Isles, take a tour through the evolution of British influence on the motoring industry. Some of the most prolific models can be found in this in-depth account, from Rolls Royce, Lotus, Bentley and Jaguar, these landmark engines have shaped the course of motoring as we know it. More than 50 vehicles have been selected for this edition, dating back to 1907. 

The history, design, and performance of each vehicle is outlined, accompanied by high quality images of each model. British motoring enthusiasts can revel in some of the most influential exports to come from the nation, which continues to grow and shape the future of motoring in unchartered climates.

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